Character Education

  • The Midway Board of Trustees core beliefs include:

    • Every person has inherent worth.
    • Every person can learn and has unique academic, social, spiritual and physical needs.
    • A well-educated citizenry is central to a free society.
    • Students learn best in a partnership between the home, the community, and the school district that shares accountability and high expectations for a quality educational experience.
    • Rules and laws combined with personal responsibility are the foundation for a quality educational experience.
    • Efficiency and effectiveness are fundamental to a successful organization.
    • Personal integrity is essential to maintain trust.
    • Respect for others is essential for a well-functioning society.
    • Good role models are crucial to the positive development of our children; parents, guardians and district personnel are among the most influential role models.

    In addition, the Midway community weighed in on social skills students should gain in addition to academic skills, with the two priorities being work ethic and respect for others. 

    Character education includes consistent and ongoing efforts by teachers, counselors and campus leaders. Among the daily efforts and responsive opportunities (such as fundraising in wake of disasters), annual character education programs include: