Teaching students to respect one another by finding common ground when beliefs are different

  • The MID_WAY is a program taking place on the high school campus that uses the lesson plan from the Choose Love Enrinchment Program and concepts from Rachel's Challenge. Our goal is to create a positive, respecting, and loving enviroment for students and teachers. 


    The program is present on campus through videos on annoucements, short educational lessons in class, and yard signs calling both students and parents to particpate in different challenges.


    By softening our hearts, this program will help individuals grow in the fields of compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, and courage.  

  • Students can take the pledge, promising to respect The MID_WAY and their fellow classmates.

  • Main Focus Areas: 





  • For more information about The MID_WAY, please contact Cara Fisher at Cara.Fisher@MidwayISD.org.