Past Distinguished Service Honorees

  • Paul Ellis (Served 1947-1972)

    Paul Ellis (Served 1947-1972)

    Honored in 2005: Mr. Paul Ellis, a former member of the Army Air Corps where he served as a translator between American and French forces, was a charter member of Midway ISD when it opened in 1947. While at Midway, Ellis served as a teacher and in 1954 became the elementary school principal until his retirement in 1972.
    Mr. Ellis passed away in 2007.

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  • Don Filgo (Served 1970-1992)

    Don Filgo (Served 1970-1992)

    Honored in 2007: Mr. Filgo served as the head director of bands for the Midway Independent School District. During his 22 years with MISD, Filgo taught every group of band students from the beginners through middle school and high school. The band program flourished under his leadership, growing from 60 students his first year to over 500 students when he retired. Filgo led the Midway High School band to numerous awards including winning the highest rating, Division I, at UIL competitions eight years in a row.
    Mr. Filgo passed away in 2011.

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  • Sue Reese (Served 1973-2000)

    Sue Reese (Served 1973-2000)

    Honored in 2008: Sue Reese was the first kindergarten teacher hired by Midway ISD when the public school kindergarten program was established in 1973. Serving the children of Woodway Elementary for 37 years, Mrs. Reese still continues to write letters of congratulations to each of her former students upon their graduation.
    Mrs. Reese passed away in 2013.

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  • M.T. and Sarah Rice (Served 1948-1974)

    M.T. and Sarah Rice (Served 1948-1974)

    Honored in 2006: M.T. and Sarah Rice served Midway High School for more than 25 years. Their dedication to Midway helped it become a prominent school district. M.T. was principal and coach in the 1948-49 school year and began as superintendent the following year. As a coach he won many district titles, including an undefeated football season and two girls’ state basketball championships. He started the Booster Club, Midway’s band, tennis program, choir, girls’ track, girls’ volleyball, FHA, FFA and other athletics. Sarah taught, worked in the office, kept books and ran the school lunch program. The Rices retired in 1974.
    Mr. Rice passed away in 1982 and Mrs. Rice passed in 1987.

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  • David Vardeman (Served 1969-2009)

    David Vardeman (Served 1969-2009)

    Honored in 2017: Mention the books A Light in the Forest or Cheaper by the Dozen to any student of a certain time period in MIdway's history and Mr. Vardeman's name will come up every time. He created lifelong nicknames that students still carry today, taught us everything from the importance of a germ-free environment to his in-depth knowledge for the native American’s heritage. Between all, he squeezed in being a 7th grade English teacher as well.

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  • Glynn Dell (Served 1959-1981) & Bennie Ballew (Served 1950-1979)

    Glynn Dell (Served 1959-1981) & Bennie Ballew (Served 1950-1979)

    Honored in 2017: Mr. & Mrs. Ballew exemplified the term "power couple" long before the term was coined. Mr. Ballew taught science courses and Mrs. Ballew taught English at Midway High School. "Dynamite comes in small packages" is a phrase Mrs. Ballew was known to say, and her former students will confirm that in her, it was true. Mr. Ballew passed in 1982 and Mrs. Ballew passed in 2013.

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  • Jerry & Sherilyn Lewis (Served 1974-2016)

    Jerry & Sherilyn Lewis (Served 1974-2016)

    Honored in 2017: Jerry and Sherilyn Lewis have collectively served the student body in some capacity including many hours of volunteer work from 1974 – 2016. Mr. Lewis served in many capacities at Midway ISD: teacher, principal, and Human Resources Director. But many children knew Mr. Lewis as the bus driver or the Midway Panthers football announcer as well. Mrs. Lewis served as a reading instructor at the Intermediate School.

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  • Sharron McKethan Zachry (Served 1990-2009)

    Sharron McKethan Zachry (Served 1990-2009)

    Honored in 2017: Sharron Zachry served Midway in many different capacities from 1990 through 2015, from an elementary PE teacher to Midway High School Principal. Mrs. Zachry retired in 2009 as the first principal at Castleman Creek Elementary school, but spent the bulk of her career as the principal of Midway High School. Many students recall seeing her out in the hallway between classes, encouraging students to get to class but always greeting and encouraging the young men and women she saw.
    "She knew how to make a person feel like they were the single most important person on her campus, and I remember always leaving my conversations with her feeling a swell of pride because my principal 'knew' me, said Midway graduate and Castleman Creek assistant principal Clint Glaesmann.
    Mrs. Zachry passed away in 2016.

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  • Cindy Ledbetter (Served 1987-2016)

    Cindy Ledbetter (Served 1987-2016)

    Honored in 2019: Cindy Ledbetter served Midway High School for over 25 years. She was an English as a Second Language teacher as well as the Goal Tenders director. Mrs. Ledbetter was known for her ability to connect with her students and dancers. She was seen as a second mother by many and pushed her students and dancers to be the best that they could be.

    Mrs. Ledbetter passed away in 2016 but left behind a legacy of love and compassion.

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  • Jeanie Johnson (Served 1982-2013) and Tom Johnson (1984-2013)

    Jeanie Johnson (Served 1982-2013) and Tom Johnson (1984-2013)

    Honored in 2019: Both Jeanie and Tom Johnson have served the Midway community for over 25 years. Both former educators worked in the fine arts department, Jeanie as a music teacher and Tom as an art teacher. Both were known for combining positivity with the arts and working to spread love and help those around them. Although they are both retired from MISD, they continue to positively impact the world around them through their Nursery Home letter writing ministry.

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  • Lisa and Tim O'Leary (Served 1983-2014)

    Lisa and Tim O'Leary (Served 1983-2014)

    Honored in 2019: Both Lisa and Tim O'Leary served the Midway community for over 30 years. Lisa has worked as a coach and PE teacher at MMS, Wodway Elementary, and Spring Valley Elementary. Tim was the long time varsity soccer coach for Midway High School and led his teams to highly successful seasons, including the 2002 state championship. Both former educators taught with tenacity and enthusiasm, impacting the lives of the many students and athletes that they served.

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