• Important Timelines in Special Education

    Early Childhood Evaluation

    • to be conducted no earlier than 90 calendar days prior to age 3 (unless there is suspicion of a visual or auditory impairment).

    Initial Evaluation -

    • 15 school days - for the school to respond to a parent's request to have their child evaluated.

    • 45 school days - for an initial evaluation to be completed from the date of parental consent. 

    • 30 calendar days - for an INITIAL ARD to be held to discuss the results of the evaluation.

    Transfer Student - 

    • 30 school days - for the receiving school to hold an ARD meeting for placement. 

    5 school days - (unless the parent waives the 5-day waiting period)

    • notification prior to an ARD meeting.

    • before an evaluation can begin.

    • before an IEP can be implemented.


    For more information about the Special Education process timelines, click here and choose Timeline April 2016.