Midway ISD Student Support Services

    • Are highly trained mental health professionals who can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents and administrators, as well as provide individual and group supportive counseling.
    • Enhance the district’s ability to meet the academic mission where home, school and community collaboration is the key to achieving student success.

    What services do we provide?

    • Address obstacles that interfere with a child’s ability to perform in an academic setting through working with the student and/or family unit
    • Connect family, school, and community resources to enable the child to learn as effectively as possible in his or her educational program
    • Utilize BSW and MSW interns for supportive services from the Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University
    • Provide crisis intervention
    • Assess and refer students with mental health concerns to outside resources
    • Connect parents and students to community resources to address the unique needs of all students in Midway ISD
    • Provide staff with professional development and education to better understand the factors that affect student performance and behavior (trauma, poverty, family conflict, health disparities, culture, etc.)
    • Collaborate with outside agencies to provide training and workshops for parents and students related to mental health, parenting skills, and coping skills
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    Anne-Marie Zellers
    Lead Counselor for Student Support Services
    254-761-5610, ext.1602

    My name is Anne-Marie Zellers, and this year I am serving as the Lead Counselor for Student Support Services. I received both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology from UMHB. I have worked in education for 24 years as an English teacher, high school counselor, and college psychology instructor. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and am currently pursuing post-master’s certification in Trauma and Disaster Response.

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    Brooke Baker
    Parent & Agency Liaison, District Social Worker PreK-6th Grade, & PEP Facilitator 
    254-761-5610, ext.1106 

    My name is Brooke Baker and I am the district social worker for PreK-6th grade for Midway ISD. I graduated from UT Austin with my undergrad in Psychology and UT Arlington with my Master’s in Social Work. I have been in the field of social work for 10 years. I have worked with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, Veterans, and adolescents in an inpatient psychiatric facility. The last 5 years I have served in many different support roles within behavior, mental health, and social work at Midway ISD. In addition to my current role at Midway I am an adjunct professor at the Garland School of Social Work for Baylor University.

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    Joy Pfanner
    DAEP/EXCEL Social Worker/PEP
    254-761-5610, ext.2862 

    My name is Joy Pfanner and I am the clinical social worker for EXCEL, DAEP and PEP. I graduated from Baylor University with my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Social Work. I have been in the field of social work for 11 years now. I have worked in many different social work settings, including overseas, in hospital settings, with survivors of domestic violence and trafficking, and at a mental health clinic providing therapy. I also have been an adjunct professor at the Garland School of Social Work. Last year I had the privilege of coming to work at Midway to offer mental health support to students in need, and I feel that it is such an honor for me to walk alongside our incredible students and their families.