Distribution Request Packet/Form

    The Distribution Request form includes procedures and information for circulating out-of-district promotional materials throughout the Midway schools.
    In-district materials, such as fliers promoting school carnivals, the MISD Education Foundation, and PTA fundraisers do not need approval for distribution.   
    Send completed form along with a copy of the flier you are wanting to distribute to Tracey Upshaw via: 
    email:            tracey.upshaw@midwayisd.org
    fax:                254-761-5789
    mail:              13885 Woodway Drive, Woodway, TX 76712
    Please call 254-761-5610 with any questions or concerns.
    Please click Distribution Request Packet to download the form.

    Facility Usage Form

    MISD Rules, Guidelines and Application for Non-School Use of School Facilities
     Click the Facility Usage Form to access.
    For questions about the Facility Usage form, please contact:
    Virginia Olson, Executive Secretary for Finance
    Fax: 254-761-5789 or email virginia.olson@midwayisd.org 
    For more information please call 254-761-5610 Ext. #1111