• Several resources are available to you that will help you navigate the process of exploring graduation requirements, building a 4-year plan for high school, and considering college and career options available both in high school and after graduation. Take a look at the resources below and visit our High School Counseling site for more information! 
    The Midway Academic Planner (MAP) provides specific information regarding the courses required to obtain a diploma under the Foundation High School Program, including pathways to earn an Endorsement. This document is quite detailed and includes suggested sequences of courses students can take that are focused around interests and career goals.  Also included are all courses available to students at MHS grouped by Endorsement.
    Panther Pathways/AVID teachers are available to assist all 8th graders with questions.
    High School Counselors are available to assist all 9th - 11th graders with questions.
    Check out the Texas Education Agency's Graduation Toolkit for more information about Endorsements and graduation requirements. This presentation pairs well with the Midway Academic Planner (MAP) linked above.


    The HIGH SCHOOL COURSE CATALOG can be accessed here.

    MHS Course Catalog

     career chart