Transportation Help and FAQ

  • 1. Can my child ride the bus if we live within two miles of their home campus?

    The answer is no. Midway ISD follows the state recommendation that no one within two miles of their home campus is bus eligible unless they live in a designated hazardous area. The two miles is calculated by the shortest available road from residence to the school and/or school to the residence. The longer of the two is the one used for eligibility.

    2. How can I find what bus my child rides?

    There are a couple ways to find this information.
    1. Go to and go to Departments then Maintenance/Transportation then click on Bus Route Search Tool.
    2. Go to then go to Parents and choose Parent Toolbox, then Transportation & District Boundaries, and then click on the Bus Route Search Tool.

    3. How early should the bus riders be at the bus stop?

    The bus riders should be at their designated bus stop 5-7 minutes earlier than their scheduled time. This will help prevent missing the bus when other riders do not ride. This also helps when there is a substitute driver driving that day. You can find the scheduled time the same way as finding what bus they ride as stated in question 2.