Bond Election History

    Thank you, Panther Nation!
     Thank you to our Midway ISD community for supporting our schools! For information about past bonds, please visit the links below:


    Midway ISD Bond History
    1950 $150,000 Build first Midway ISD school Passed
    1956 85,000 Build first elementary school (current WWE site) Passed
    1958 70,000 Add additional elementary classrooms Passed
    1960 60,000 Add classrooms and cafeteria to high school Passed
    1961 225,000 New High School next to current school Passed
    1962 325,000 Added gym, cafeteria, band hall, classrooms to HS Passed
    1965 185,000 Four elementary classrooms & HS Vocational rooms Passed
    1968 575,000 Add A/C to buildings & Jr. High additions Passed
    1971 250,000 Renovations to high school and junior high Passed
    1973 (July) 1,000,000 For a new elementary school Failed
    1973 (Sept.) 1,000,000 For a new elementary school Failed
    1974 3,400,000 New HS-Hewitt Dr. (Prop. 1), PE building (Prop. 2) Passed
    1977 3,500,000 Build Hewitt Elementary, 19 high school classrooms Passed
    1984 6,500,000 Build Spring Valley Elem, high school improvements Passed
    1988 7,350,000 Build South Bosque Elem, other improvements Passed
    1992 15,000,000 Build intermediate school, PAC addition, other additions Passed
    1999 51,000,000 Build MHS, Woodway Elem, other improvements Passed
    2008 75,800,000 Build Castleman Creek Elem, River Valley Intermediate, Renovate Panther Stadium, Build Administration Building, Renovate Support Services Facility Passed
    2013 34,493,201 Maintenance, Transportation, Technology, Extracurricular Expansion Passed