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    Cadet Participation

    Cadets of the MCJROTC program will participate in Leadership Education as directed by the number of years in the program the cadet has completed.  Naturally. LE-1 is for those students entering the program for the first time, while LE-4 is for the cadet who has successfully completed LE-1 through LE-3.


    1.             Leadership Education  I (LE-I)

    The first year of the program provides the cadet an introduction to both leadership and citizenship.  The first year also gives the new cadets exposure to personal growth and responsibility while establishing a foundation of military structure and tradition.


    2.             Leadership Education  II (LE-II)

    The second year of the program continues the leadership and citizenship classes of the LE-I  During  LE-II the student receive instruction in General Military Subject with more structure and traditions that the LE-I, as well as the introduction of civilian marksmanship training and land navigation with the map and compass.  This year provides additional learning experiences in personal growth and responsibility, training as they assume positions of increased authority and responsibility within the program.  In this year also.

    3.             Leadership Education  III (LE-III)

    In LE-III, cadets will begin to use their leadership Detailed instruction on personal finances is presented, as well as other preparations for life beyond high school.


    4.             Leadership Education  IV (LE-IV)

    LE-IV is a year when cadets really bring together all their previous learning experiences in the MCJROTC program.  Senior cadets will conduct formations and inspections, as well as supervise certain training event with younger cadets.  LE-IV cadets continue to be challenged academically with requirements for research projects and independent studies and progress reports.