• AP Information
    Advanced Placement

    The Advanced Placement (AP) Program of the College Board enables students to complete college level studies at Midway High School.  The "academic bridge" smooths the transition from high school to college.  The primary goals of the AP Program are to enrich the secondary school experience of students ready to apply themselves to college level courses and to provide the means by which colleges may grant credit or placement, or both, to student with satisfactory AP test scores.

    The Benefits of AP

    Each AP course stands alone on its own merit.  AP allows students to explore their areas of interest.  For example, a student who is strong in math may choose to take AP Calculus, whereas a student whose strength lies in the humanities may select an English or history option.

    Students who want to experiment with a college level course may enroll in just one AP class.  Students who are ready to face the challenge of a college level curriculum may enroll in as many as six AP courses.

    Enrolling in AP

    Students entering high school plan with their counselors to ensure prerequisite courses are scheduled early enough to allow them to take the AP course of their choice at the high school level.  Most AP courses are one class period in length.  AP courses earn a multiplier for computing class rank.
    Midway High School offers a wide range of AP courses:
    AP Art History                                 AP French Language
    AP 2D Art Design                            AP German Language
    AP 3D Art Design                            AP Macro-Economics
    AP Biology                                       AP Physics B & C
    AP Calculus                                     AP Spanish Language
    AP Chemistry                                  AP Spanish Literature
    AP English Language                     AP Statistics
    AP English Literature                     AP Studio Drawing
    AP Environmental Science            AP Government
    AP European History                      AP U.S. History
    The examinations are (tentatively) given during the first two weeks in May and are structured to measure three areas-depth of knowledge, completeness of thought, and synthesis of ideas.  Approximately 1,200 institutions award credit based on the student's AP exam scores.  Exams are graded on a five-point scale with credit usually given for scores of 3 or higher.  College credit is generally awarded upon a student's enrollment, although some institutions award sophomore standing only after a student has completed satisfactory work on campus.  The score requirement and number of college credit hours varies among higher education campuses.
    If you have questions about AP testing please contact the MHS Testing Coordinator: Karen Mayton at karen.mayton@midwayisd.org or at 254-761-5650.