Career & Technical Education

    Midway ISD offers Career & Technical Education programs that organize the national Career Clusters into the Foundation High School Program Endorsements.
    Programs at MMS/MHS are offered in the following Career Clusters:
     Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (MMS & MHS)
    Architecture & Construction (MHS)
    Arts, A/V Technology & Communications (MMS, MHS, MCC & TSTC dual credit)
    Business, Management & Administration (MHS)
    Education & Training (MHS)
    Finance (MHS)
    Health Science (MHS, MCC & TSTC dual credit)
    Hospitality & Tourism (MHS & TSTC dual credit)
    Human Services (MHS)
    Information Technology (MMS, MHS, MCC & TSTC dual credit)
    Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security (MCC dual credit)
    Manufacturing (GWAMA & TSTC dual credit)
    Marketing, Sales & Service (MHS)
    Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (MMS, MHS & TSTC dual credit)
    Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (TSTC dual credit) 
    CTE Courses:
    Languages Courses
    • American Sign Language
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French