• District Guidelines for PTA

    Midway Independent School District believes that the combined efforts of teachers, students and parents make a successful school. We are glad to have PTA organizations working to promote and enhance the education of our students. In an effort to clarify the roles of school officials and PTA volunteers, the District offers the following guidelines:


    PTA Presidents and MISD Administrators

    PTA organizations are present in the school at the invitation of the school principal and the District. The volunteers serving in the schools must follow the principal's instructions and the District policies and include the principal in the PTA budget process. If a PTA volunteer is not cooperating with school rules and the directions of the principal, that volunteer may be asked to leave the campus. The Council PTA has the same relationships with the District Superintendents and communicates directly with the Executive Director of Administrative Services.

    MISD Council of PTAs

    The Council of PTAs serves as a District-wide information source for PTA presidents and principals. Information should be shared with the council concerning programs that might be beneficial to other schools. The MISD Council PTA exists to support and aid the local PTA’s and the district as a whole. Concerns about PTA conduct at a particular school or during PTA activities, which are not covered by MISD policy, should also be dealt with at the council level.

    PTA Campus Use

    Each campus is the responsibility of the principal. He or she answers for any and all activity in the building during school-related activities, including PTA events. With that in mind, PTA presidents should work closely with their principal about PTA meetings. The principal at each campus will designate his or her preference for scheduling meetings, supply storage, janitorial service, etc. For any event that is not a traditional evening PTA event or program during the school day, (fall festivals, craft fairs, etc.) PTA presidents should first consult the campus principal for approval. The reasons behind these decisions involve liability, safety and custodial and staffing considerations.

    Campus Additions or Improvements

    The principal must approve any changes to a campus such as: painting, murals, environmental gardens, permanent benches or trees. The principal, before granting approval, must take the matter to the appropriate administrator for review and approval. Groups should follow Texas PTA guidelines when donating to the school and fill out the appropriate paperwork. Please consult the PTA Council president with questions concerning donation procedures.

    PTA Refreshments

    PTA and other parent organizations may serve the refreshments of their choice after school hours on campus (no alcoholic beverages) but should be aware the kitchen is not available. During the school day PTA sponsored class parties and treats are subject to the following MISD Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) Guidelines:

    Texas Department of Agriculture Policy on Nutrition of FMNV on Campuses 

    The Texas Department of Agriculture Policy on Nutrition states that Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (FMNV) may only be offered to students at elementary campuses on three (3) days per year as designated at each campus. Contact your student’s campus for those dates.

    Birthday Celebration Requirements 

    With the health and safety of Midway’s students as our highest priority, Midway ISD has requirements regarding food items brought to celebrate birthdays. We understand this is a very important part of the birthday celebration for many students, so we would like to make it as safe, easy and as enjoyable as possible.

    Birthday treats need to be store bought and labeled with all ingredients. These requirements ensure that any student that has an allergy to any of the listed ingredients is kept from having a reaction. This also ensures that the cupcakes are prepared in a facility inspected by the health department.

    Permitted exceptions are PTA Teacher Appreciation events that do not involve students, off campus events, or any other events deemed exempt by the school principal following district guidelines. Please consult your campus administrators if you have questions about FMNV and school parties.

    PTA Fundraising (Food based): 

    Competitive Foods are foods sold during the school day that are not part of the reimbursable meal and must meet required nutrition standards. The school day begins at midnight and ends 30 minutes after the official school day ends. Fundraisers of snacks which are available for immediate consumption must qualify under the Smart Snacks Competitive foods guidelines and must be sold only during the following times and places:

    Food Service department ONLY. All other fundraisers - 30 minutes after the official school day ends.


    The food service department may sell competitive foods from 30 minutes before the meal service period through 30 minutes after the meal service period on the school campus. ONLY outside of this designated time period, can individuals and groups sell competitive foods on the school campus.
    The food service department may sell competitive foods during the meal service period where reimbursable meals are sold or consumed on the school campus. ONLY outside of this designated time period and designated location, can individuals and groups sell competitive foods on the school campus.

    PTA Fundraising involving MISD Students

    PTA groups must have fundraisers approved by their campus principal and abide by MISD Fundraising Guidelines. PTAs are not currently required to meet the approved vendor requirements for fundraisers, but are asked to abide by the following:

    MISD Fundraising Database:

    Midway ISD requires that all fundraisers involving MISD students and the community please be entered into the MISD fundraising database. You can access that database at this web address. https://database.midwayisd.org/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=Fundraising&-loadframesPTA/PTO.

    Please contact MISD Director of Development, Suzi Pagel with district level fundraising questions.

    Buy Out Option:

    All fundraisers involving MISD students selling to the public must present the option for an individual to “buy out” any reward day or trip that will be offered for selling maximum amounts of product. The Buy Out Option should 1.) Be determined prior to the beginning of the fundraiser. 2.) Be an amount equitable to the amount the PTA would raise through the fundraiser. 3.) Be made public as an option at the time of the fundraiser. 4.) Be the equivalent to any “Reward Day” or "good standing" level of fundraising, including additional costs normally covered by a fundraising venture.

    Financial Procedures:

    Money collected during MISD Campus PTA events or fundraisers must be counted according to Texas PTA guidelines and deposited to the PTA’s bank account the same day. Money should remain on campus in a secure location while being counted.  Money should never be taken to an individuals home unless it is in the custody of a bonded PTA treasurer.



    Volunteer Screening

    Midway ISD seeks to create a safe environment for students, free from crime, violence, drugs and abuse. Chapter 22 of the Texas Education Code requires school districts to review information on the criminal history of applicants for employment, employees, substitute teachers, volunteers, and anyone performing contracted services on school property where students are regularly present. The District considers "volunteers" to include any person who is not an employee of the District who will be working with students, including, but not limited to camp counselors, mentors, tutors, field trip sponsors, overnight trip sponsors, party sponsors and any non-employee who will have access to student information.
    All Volunteers including, but not limited to, PTA officers, committee chairs, coordinators, organizers, room parents and general volunteers must fill out the MISD on-line Volunteer Application available under the quick links of the MISD district home page. Volunteers who do not have computer access may ask their campus principal for access to a district computer to fill out the application. Applications should be submitted two weeks prior to the first time in a school year the volunteer will work with or have access to MISD students. Volunteer Applications must be re-submitted by the volunteer each school year. Before being nominated for an officer position in a PTA, nominating committees should allow the principal to verify that those slated have passed an MISD volunteer back ground check.

    Volunteer Behavior

    PTA volunteers are in and out of classrooms and teacher workroom and may overhear confidential conversations. Presidents are asked to set the tone of their PTA by reminding volunteers that repeating information heard at school can be damaging to morale and to reputations. If a volunteer has concerns about something overheard or witnessed on a campus, he or she should address the issue with the campus principal or follow the District's complaint process.

    PTA/ District Budget Processes

    PTA boards should develop their own budgets each year in conjunction with the campus principal. Principals and PTA presidents should work together so that money is being spent wisely on each campus.



    Notes Home:
    Items from PTA to be included in folders must be pre-approved by the campus principal. Many campuses are making efforts to do more electronic communications.

    All publications have to abide by photo permission rules (laws). Campus secretaries can check student permissions for photo releases. This does not apply to public events, such as a school carnival, but it is still in the best interest of our students to know if they have photo releases.

    The PTA is allowed to have a login for the website (district PTA page, and campus PTA pages), but whoever is going to work on the website has to meet with Kevin Sauer for training and to get a log in. MISD would like each local PTA to utilize their district webpage to list e-mail contact information for their executive board and to post a copy of the PTA’s Bylaws and Standing rules. The website is also the best place to post things like registration forms, rather than attaching via email. For web calendar entries, each campus also has someone in charge of updating their website calendar, usually a campus principal or secretary.

    The MISD Council PTA web pages are maintained by web administrator Stephanie Grosz. You can reach the Council web pages through the “Quick Links” on the MISD home page by selecting “PTA”.

    Panther Nation News:

    MISD will provide a log in for PTA’s to contribute to Panther Nation News. Contact Traci Marlin.

    Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube:

    PTAs who wish to have their own social media accounts must do so with the approval and supervision of the campus principal or their designee. MISD Public Information Coordinator, Traci Marlin maintains all the MISD social media outlets and welcomes local campus input. Please contact Traci Marlin directly for guidelines when using MISD social media outlets. PTA use of social media outlets such as Instagram, Vine and others are not encouraged at this time due to student privacy issues.

    Waco Tribune Herald’s Neighbor Section, the Hometown News, and Hewitt/Woodway Life Magazines:

    Campus PTAs are welcome to send in awards and recognitions directly to these media. Please copy Traci Marlin with any submissions to the media for district records/information/promotions. Always check student photo permission first. Try to use high-quality photos that keep a professional image for Midway.

    Traci Marlin is available to meet with the council PTA, campus PTAs, and individual publicity chairs for media consultation or photo classes to aid in Midway PTA Information releases.

    Activities Sponsored by Non-School Organizations

    School volunteers who help with programs such as PTA Reflections Contest should remember that MISD policies of participation and ethics still apply. These programs should be used to build character and encourage participation of MISD students. If a child is not a student in MISD, he or she is not eligible to participate in programs such as PTA Reflections or other groups presenting themselves as a school team or representative.