If your student is looking for a small, focused, nontraditional high school experience, consider exploring Horizons. Horizons is new to Midway ISD and will have two opportunities available to students enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year. One program blueprint will focus on college experience and the other, career experience. These opportunities are provided through Midway High School; however, the Horizons campus will be located separately from the main campus. This smaller model will serve as a highly effective environment for students who are self-motivated and comfortable with online coursework options. In order to apply to the Horizons campus, students need to see their school counselor. Students cannot be credit deficient.

    The Horizons college experience blueprint was created in partnership with McLennan Community College (MCC). This option is strategically designed to provide students the opportunity to finish high school in the traditional four years while simultaneously completing the Texas Core Curriculum (college basics) including an Associate’s degree. The coursework taken through MCC is accepted by all universities within the state of Texas if fully completed within the four-year timeline. 

    The Horizons career experience blueprint is strategically designed to provide students with coursework that is directly related to entering the workforce. During the 11th and 12th grade years, students will have a shorter class schedule in order to provide dedicated time for 10+ hours per week of work experience. Students that enroll in this option will still have the necessary requirements met to enter a community college after high school. 

    Please review the blueprint degree plans, if interested! If you feel this nontraditional experience might be perfect for you, and you are not credit deficient, ask your campus counselor for more information. 

    Current 8th graders do not have to have any earned high school credits to apply.

    Current 9th graders should have completed 8 credits.

    Current 10th graders should have completed 16 credits.

    Current 11th graders should have completed 24 credits.


    Click Here for more information about the Horizons Campus. 


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