• If you can write your name you can learn to DRAW! 
    Isn't that crazy? Well, it's true. Anyone can learn to draw, and anyone can make art. 
    Though I love to draw, art is not only about drawing. In art this year we will learn about building, painting, sculpting, creating our own movies, photography, and how art is everywhere in the world around us! Did you know art can make you a better student? Art is not only fun, but it helps you to problem solve, be disciplined, creative and think about things in more than one way. This will help you to do better in other subjects like Math, Reading and Science, You can make art at any time in your life. Art is for everyone, no matter how old or young. You can always learn something new in art, and I can't wait to share new ideas with you!
     I am so excited to be the 5th grade art teacher at Woodgate Intermediate, and I am so excited to have YOU in art this year.
    Fun Facts 
    I come from a large family of six children.                                                                          
    I love dogs! Big, small, fluffy, crazy, I love them all!
    I am an excellent ping-pong player and baker. 
    My favorite candy is chocolate covered cherries.  
    My favorite color is turquoise.
    My favorite food is Italian.
    My favorite artist...ask me!
                                                                                                              dog, paint, art, cupcake collage