• Male Cadet Hair Requirements

    Marine Corps regulations state that hair will be neat and closely trimmed.  The hair may be clipped on the sides and back graduated from zero (0) length at the hairline in the lower portion of the head to the upper portion of the head; and will not be over three (3) inches in length fully extended on top of the head.


    Blocked Nape versus Tapered Nape  (or, blocked neck edge versus tapered neck edge)
    A blocked nape refers to cutting the hair straight across in a definite line where the hairline meets the back of the neck (the nape). It is sometimes also referred to as "squaring off" the nape.
    A tapered nape refers to a gradual decrease in the length of hair at the back of the head to zero, following your natural hairline. Both are shown in the illustration below for comparison.
    A barber will usually ask if you prefer a blocked or tapered nape.
    If you have a skinny or long neck, blocking can add the illusion of width.
    A tapered nape will look good on a short or thick neck. In general,
     a tapered nape tends to look a bit neater and more natural than a
    blocked nape once your hair starts to grow out a few days after the haircut
    The Tapered Nape is preferred style of haircut for MCJROTC not the blocked (squared off) nape
    Blocked verus Tappered

    Female Cadet Hair Requirements

    The requirement for hair regulations is to maintain uniformity within a military population.
    Women's hairstyles require non-eccentric styles. Female Marines will be well groomed at all times
    and when in uniform will abide by the following:
    Hair may touch the collar, but will not fall below the collar's lower edge.
    Hair that would fall naturally below the collar's lower edge will be neatly and inconspicuously fastened or pinned.
    During physical training periods in which physical training clothing is worn, hair will be allowed to fall naturally,
    without being fastened or pinned. This does not apply when conducting physical training in the utility uniform.
    Hair will be styleded so as not to interfere with the proper wear of the uniform head gear. 
    All headgear will fit snugly and comfortably around the largest part of the without distortion or excessive gaps.
    styles which do not allow the headgear to be worn in this manner is prohibited.

    Female Hair