• Mrs. Um’s ABC’s of Second Grade



    Welcome to Second Grade! I’m so thrilled to have your child in my class this year. I look forward to getting to know him or her as well as your whole family. I hope this packet will help answer many questions you may have and help you to know more about our classroom routines and procedures. It will be posted on my webpage for you to reference throughout the year but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!



    All About Second Grade: Second grade is a wonderful year of transition and growth. Many second graders become avid readers and learn to enjoy chapter books. We will tackle brand new math concepts such as addition and subtraction with regrouping.  We will work hard, celebrate our successes, and learn from our mistakes. It’s going to be a super year in second grade!


    Attendance: Attendance is so important! We are working hard to encourage students to be NEAT: Not Ever Absent or Tardy! Fun rewards will be offered at the end of each six weeks and semester. There will be an “Atten-Dance” at the end of the first, second, fourth, and fifth six weeks and a special movie day at the end of each semester for students who have no absences OR tardies for the entire six weeks or semester. A VERY SPECIAL reward will be given to students with no tardies or absences for the entire year!



    Birthdays: You are welcome to bring a birthday treat for the class in honor of your child’s special day. It will be shared in the room during the afternoon. Our school policy is that birthday treats must be store bought, individual servings with the ingredients listed on the container. It is also helpful to be sure it is something that can be easily passed out and eaten. Birthday party invitations may be passed out at school as long as the entire class is being invited.


    Behavior Plan: (Please also check under R for “Rules”) We will use a color code system to keep track of behavior and consequences. Daily behavior will be noted on the Behavior Report in your child’s Take Home Folder. Your child will record their behavior for the day by coloring in the circle with their color in the square for that day. Students are first given a verbal warning when a class rule is broken. If negative behavior continues, the student’s color is changed.


    Consequences are as follows:


              Yellow: Walk the track for ½ recess

              Orange: Walk the track for all recess

              Red: Contact parent and/or referral to office


    Communication: Communication between home and school is vitally important! Please check your child’s Take Home Folder each day for updates about homework, assignments and any notes from school. Also, feel free to contact me anytime! I check for notes each morning and also check email throughout the day as well as at home. My school phone number is 761-5720 ext. 6214 although I may not be able to come to the phone during the school day. My email address is kimberly.umhoefer@midwayisd.org. Email is the best way to communicate for me during the day!


    Calendar: A second grade calendar will be emailed at the beginning of each month. This calendar will also be posted on my Midway webpage.



    Dismissal: Please send a note or an email to me if your child is to go home a different way than his/her normal schedule. We are not allowed to release a child to anyone who is not on the release form that the parent has given to the office. Also, any changes to how your child is going home must be communicated BEFORE 3:00 p.m. using the Pick Up Patrol app.



    Emergencies: Please make sure we have the correct emergency information on file for your child. If phone numbers change, you can call or send a note so your child's file can be updated!



    Free Homework Passes: Free homework passes will be given for special occasions. If your child receives a free homework pass, they can skip homework for the week and turn in the pass instead of filling out the Homework Log!



    Grades: Second grade uses a Standards Based Report Card.  Your child will not be receiving traditional number or letter grades. Progress toward specific grade level expectations will be reported as either Mastered, Progressing, or Insufficient Progress. Report cards will continue to be sent home every 6 weeks and progress reports will be sent home every 3 weeks. During the last Six Weeks of the year, we will begin to place traditional number grades on your child’s daily work to help with the transition to third grade.



    Homework: We have tried to organize homework in a way that allows your family to have some flexibility as to which nights you spend on homework! Weekly homework expectations are that your child spends 40 minutes reading and 40 minutes working on math skills during the week. You may choose the best way to spread that out and options can be found on the Homework Menu in your child’s Take Home Folder.


    Handwriting: Second graders are expected to use the traditional handwriting style in class and on homework. Manuscript is reviewed in the first semester, and cursive is introduced the second semester. 



    I love 2nd Grade!!!


    iPads: All Midway students will have an iPad to use in the classroom! This will allow us to incorporate many innovative learning strategies into our curriculum. Elementary students will not be allowed to take the iPads home.



    Jobs: It takes a lot of work to keep our classroom running smoothly! Students will take turns being the Helper of the Day. When it is their turn, they have the opportunity to be the lunch helper, paper passer, errand runner, and do anything else that needs to be done.



    Kindness: We will learn about being kind to others and ourselves every day. Our class will have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. One way we encourage kindness is through our Character Strong social and emotional curriculum.



    Library Books: Second graders are allowed to check out 2 library books at a time. We will visit the library as a class one day per week but students will be allowed to exchange books as often as they need to. It is part of their class responsibility plan that they have at both library books at school each day so please help your student remember to keep library books in their backpack. This is so important as we have independent reading time each day.



    Midway: This year the Midway theme is “Midway and Beyond!” and our South Bosque theme is “Team South Bosque.” Be sure to look for #MidwayandBeyond and #TeamSBE on Twitter for all the exciting happenings around Midway!



    Numbers: Each student will be assigned a class number. This is a simple way to help keep our class organized. You’ll see this number on your child’s papers and materials.


    Newsletter: You will receive a Second Grade newsletter each Friday via email. This will help keep you posted on all the important dates and information for the week.



    Open House: Plan to join us for Open House in the spring! Be watching for those dates to come soon.


    Poetry: Poetry is a special part of the Second Grade experience! Second graders will be required to memorize a poem periodically (about once a month).  This requirement will help foster good speaking and listening skills and helps us prepare for the Second Grade Poetry Recital which will happen in the spring.



    Quick and Quiet Hellos: As you volunteer in our classroom or our building, I will urge your child to acknowledge you with a "quick and quiet" wave hello. It is important for them to greet you, but remain involved in class activities.



    Responsibility Plan: In 2nd grade, students work hard to become more responsible for their own assignments and homework. The students will be given chances or “Oops” passes for forgotten Take Home Folder, lack of Behavior Report signature, or failure to bring library books to school daily.  They have 2 “Oops” passes for each six week grading period but once they have used these 2 free chances, they will miss opportunities for rewards and special privileges.


    Rules: Our school and classroom rules are as follows (please also check under “B” for Behavior Plan)…

    1. Respect Yourself
    2. Respect Adults
    3. Respect Other Students
    4. Respect South Bosque Elementary School



    Spelling: This year, South Bosque will begin using Fountas and Pinnell Classroom as our English Language Arts and Reading curriculum. Spelling and phonics is included in this program, however, they may not look like what you are used to. Student progress will be assessed regularly but we will not have traditional weekly spelling lists and tests. Emphasis is placed on learning phonics, spelling patterns, and sight words and using them consistently in everyday writing.


    Safety and Security: The safety and security of your children is very important to us.  We have fire and emergency drills on a regular basis.  You can help us keep your children secure by going by the office, signing in, and getting a visitor badge when you come to eat lunch with your child or visit other areas of the school. We have a computer system in place to do this.  You will need to use your driver’s license the first time you check in.  After that, your name and information will be automatically stored. You also need to sign out when you leave.  Another way you can help is to send a note or email when your child is going home a different way than they normally do. If a change happens during the school day, please use the Pick Up Patrol app BEFORE 3:00 p.m. to notify me. *We will not be allowed to send children home a different way or to anyone not listed on the release form without written notification from the parent.


           7:45-8:00 Arrival, KSBE Morning Show                 

              8:00-9:00 Writing Workshop  

                   * Writing, Spelling, Phonics, Grammar                           

              9:00-10:00 Reading Workshop                         

                   *Interactive Read Aloud, Shared Reading, Guided Reading Groups, Literacy Stations   

              10:05-11:05 Panther Time

             11:10-11:30 Recess

              11:30-12:00 Lunch

              12:00-1:30 Math Workshop                   

                   *Guided Math Groups, Math Stations       

             1:30-1:40 Snack

              1:40-2:10 Social Studies (M,T) and Science (W,Th,F)

              2:10-3:10 Specials: PE/Art/Music/Computer

             3:10-3:20 Stack and Pack          

             3:20 Bus Riders Dismissed

             3:25 Car Riders Dismissed


    SeeSaw: SeeSaw is a wonderful app that allows you to keep up with class happenings and view your child’s digital work. Please be sure to sign up so that you have access to our class journal as well as your child’s individual activities.


    South Bosque Reads: This is a school wide reading program to encourage and motivate our students to read! Your child will have the opportunity to earn reading beads based on the number of pages and titles read as well as genre challenges and more!


    Star of the Week: Each child will be given the opportunity to be the Star of the Week sometime during the school year. The week before your child’s turn, they will bring home a packet to complete and return for our Star board. They may also bring 5-10 pictures of themselves and their family to display on the board. I won’t use staples or damage them in any way. J The star student will also be asked to bring some special items from home to show the class (like a favorite toy or collection).


    Snack: Our class will take a snack break in the afternoon. Please send a healthy snack for your child each day such as crackers, fruit, goldfish, dry cereal, popcorn, or pretzels. Please do not send sweets such as cookies and candy.



    Tardies, Attendance and Make Up Work: The tardy bell rings at 8:00.  Excessive tardies and early departures are referred to the attendance committee for review. Please send me a note if your child is leaving early so I can have them ready to go when you come.

    Please call 761-5720 and press 1 to report your child’s absence.  No make-up work will be sent home for a 1-2 day absence; work will be given when child returns to class.  On the morning of the third day out, call the office by 9:00 so that I will have my conference period or lunch to get it ready to leave in the office for pick-up.  If you know your child is going to be out for several days, please let me know in advance so I can get their makeup work ready for them.


    Take Home Folder: Please check folders daily for graded class work and important notes. This is also where the Behavior Report will be located. It will stay in the folder for the entire 6 week grading period and must be initialed every day. The Homework Log can be found on the back of the Behavior Report. The Homework Menu and the monthly poem will be placed in the clear plastic sleeve in this folder and it will stay in the folder for the six weeks or the month.


    Twitter: Please be sure to follow class happenings @umhoeferMom and #TeamSBE!



    U!: You make all the difference! Thank you for all you do for the kids and our classroom. J



    Volunteer Opportunities: We LOVE to have helpers in our room! Please be sure to sign up for times with me. All volunteers are required to submit an application and background check form before volunteering. Please go to the Midway website to fill this out as soon as possible.



    Website: My class webpage as well as the South Bosque Calendar can be found on the Midway ISD website at www.midwayisd.org. To find the calendar, go to “Select a School,”  “South Bosque” then “South Bosque Calendar”.  The calendar is updated monthly, and is a good way for you to know what is going on at school.  In looking for my webpage, click on the “Staff” tab and then click on my name.


    X, Y, and Z

    I am eXcited to work with You and Your child this year! Make sure he/she gets plenty of Zzzz's each night as we have exciting days planned for this year!