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See Something? Say Something!


 Safety & Wellness
Did you witness something? SAY SOMETHING!
 Below are several options for reporting.
 Quick Tip icon

Quick Tip is an online form that allows you to submit an anonymous tip about ANY issue that will be immediately directed to the appropriate school and district officials. You can even upload photos if needed.

 suicide Lifelines Suicide Prevention Program maintains a 24 hour helpline at 1(800) 257-7810.
Campuses also have anonymous tip boxes for notes to be deposited.
Midway ISD Bullying Hot Line: 254-761-5700
 Reporting Process
For the most immediate action, work directly with your campus administration. You may choose to fill out the MISD Bullying Report ahead of time, and bring it with you.
Please note that all issues will be addressed by appropriate authorities. However, student medical and disciplinary issues are private, so the results of the situation will not be communicated to the reporting source or public.

Click here to visit Midway's Student Safety & Wellness site, a growing resource center for parents and students on topics that affect students.