Accepting Rachel's Challenge
October is National Bullying Awareness Month, and across Midway ISD, students are accepting Rachel's Challenge to be kind and compassionate towards others. Rachel's Challenge is an anti-bullying program that was originally created for high school students in the aftermath of the Columbine High School shootings, but has developed age-appropriate curriculum for all grades to establish positive behavior from an early age. Midway students are declaring their commitment to Rachel's Challenge this month, but the challenge is not limited to one month -- the changes in how students see and treat others can last a lifetime. Midway's elementary students will all join together on May 20 to celebrate thousands of acts of kindness documented on colorful paper chains. Each link on the chain represents a kind act towards a peer, and the chains represent the Rachel's Challenge motto to "start a chain reaction" of kindness and compassion.
Rachel's Challenge is just one of the many ways Midway ISD schools work to prevent bullying, but what can you do if it does happen? Visit our Safety & Wellness site for more information on reporting, prevention, and response to bullying. You can report bullying with a form turned in to the office, a note in boxes placed around schools, an online form, a phone tip line, or of course by telling a teacher directly. Several of those options can even be anonymous if needed.
Parents, you can also help by explaining to your child that witnessing and reporting is not "snitching" or "tattling." The stigma and pressure that students put on peers to NOT report bad behavior is a major hindrance in identifying problems and finding solutions. Remember when it comes to safety in our schools, "if you see something, say something."
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