A Look Within Midway
    Midway schools are bringing programs, activities and new curriculum to the classroom to teach students the importance of kindness and acceptance.

     Midway High School

    In the 2012-13 school year, the Blue Crew and Panther Patrol stepped up from a spirit group to a leadership group. The students still have fun leading the student section from the football sidelines and performing creative skits at pep rallies, but now they also create and produce performances for peers and younger campuses about issues that affect students. The first of the series of performances, "Filling Buckets," is an anti-bullying message.
    It's Cool to Be Kind at Midway High School. A new student-led group, called C2BK or Cool to Be Kind, has formed at the high school and the members work to raise awareness of bullying.

    "C2BK is a character building club to help teach students to stand up against all forms of bullying, and there are many forms, and to be supportive and helpful to students who are enduring bullying."
    - Cheryl Baker, MHS Teacher
    Midway High School offers extensive opportunities for students to be involved with their friends and peers as a community. When students are able to connect with likeminded peers, they feel accepted and secure. Click on the following links to find out more:

     Midway Middle School

    Midway Middle School utilizes the Safe and Civil Schools curriculum, but with unique additions of their own. Each year, the campus selects a theme that encourages students to work together to make MMS a great school, not only academically, but socially and in school spirit. In 2011-12, MMS committed to "Be Weird" in order to be strong enough to be different. In 2012-13, new Principal Dr. Herb Cox led students to have fun and make the campus an enjoyable place with "MMS Rocks!"


     Intermediate Schools

    The Midway Intermediate Schools are teaching students the importance of accepting those around them through programs such as Rachel's Challenge. Rachel's Challenge is named after Rachel Scott, a victim at Columbine High School, and is a program aimed at promoting acceptance and understanding. Many activities throughout the year help keep students consistently focused on compassion and forgiveness. Midway Middle School student and former Woodgate Intermediate student, Treston Wommack, wrote and performed a custom rap about the Rachel's Challenge message for the staff and students.

    Both intermediate schools also focus on getting students involved. Studies show -- and Midway experience confirms -- that students involved in extracurricular clubs and activities have less behavior issues and find a place to fit in with like-minded peers. Students can participate in activities like School
    Ambassadors and Panther Pride Community Service, as well as options like Kindness & Compassion (KC Club), Runner’s Club, Art Club, Reading Club, Robotics Club, Theatre/Drama Club, Chess Club, Board Games Club, and Boys to Men Club.


     Elementary Schools

    Midway elementary schools are encouraging students to be kind and accepting of their others through many programs and methods:

    Multicultural Awareness
    Schools are incorporating programs in the curriculum that teach about different cultures and show the importance of accepting people even if they live different lifestyles.

    Positive Behavior Reinforcement
    Elementary schools are also incorporating programs that encourage good behavior, such as awarding patches and paper links for kind actions.

    Kindness and Acceptance
    Rachel's Challenge is teaching Midway's elementary schools the importance of being kind. Even the youngest students are asked to accept Rachel's challenge by signing a banner with their commitment to be compassionate by accepting and forgiving others.
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