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    Students who are taking or have taken CTE class(es) are eligible to join BPA.
    Dues are $20 and membership drive for 2018-2019 will begin in August. 

    2017 - 2018 OFFICERS

    BPA Leadership Team

    Kiara Lozano, BPA State President

    Sarah Still

    Courtney Toscano

    Steven Acevedo

    Garrett Lackey 

    In January, we took 46 students to State in Corpus Christi for competition.

    Krista Gore was elected our Regional President for 2018-201918 students advanced to Nationals in Dallas, May 9-13.

    At Nationals, BPA students produced the

    BEST EVER overall rankings,

    with all finishing in the Top 10 in the Nation!


    BPA State and National Results



     First Place Nationals & Third Place State

    Graphic Design

    Courtney Toscano


    Second Place Nationals & First Place State

    Graphic Design

    Taylor Mason


    First Place - Start-Up Enterprise Team &

    Best in Show- Overall

    Kiara Lozano, Christiana Kaul and Sarah Still


    Business: ClothestoHome 


    Fifth Place Nationals and Third Place State

    Desktop Publishing

    Sarah Romer


    Fourth Place Nationals - Software Engineering Team

    Steven Acevedo, Garrett Lackey,

    Lucas Carlson and Dylan Biggio 


    Fifth Place Nationals - Software Engineering Team 

    Richard Hutcheson, Alex Aragon,

    Jeremy Bellert and Madison Hall

    team 2


    Ninth Place Nationals and Second Place State -

    Video Production Team

     Alex Hoffman Colton Barden,

    Carter Forrest & Joey Hogins


    First Place State and 23rd at Nationals

    Advanced Interview Skills

    Kiara Lozano


    BPA Nationals - Dallas, TX  2018


     BPA Sponsors 

     Susan Jones, Jennifer Kolb, Tanya Lacy, Dana Null, Scott Peden,

    Jessica Pettyjohn, Jami Ragsdale, B. J. Williams & Jordan Williams