•  New Student Enrollment

    email symbol A parent/guardian email account is required to enroll a new student.
    Click here for steps to create an email account.
    For summer enrollment:  If your child was not enrolled on the last day of the prior school year at any Midway ISD campus, please complete the new student enrollment online form.
    During the current school year:  If your child was previously enrolled at any Midway ISD campus, withdrew, and is now enrolling again, please complete the new student enrollment online form.

How to Enroll:


    • From a computer, access New Student Enrollment Online while following the PDF instructions linked in the reference guides column. (You can use the Quick Tip Sheet or the detailed Enrolling Online Instructions.)




    • Attend the district-wide enrollment day: 
      2017-2018 District Wide Enrollment for New Students - Tuesday, August 1st 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
      Location:  Midway Middle School for all grades; Parents may enroll new students for any campus at this centralized location.
    • If parents do not attend the district wide enrollment, parents may enroll students at applicable campus.  More information here.
    When attending enrollment, bring the following documents with you to the campus:
    • Proof of residency (current lease or current utility bill
    • Student's birth certificate
    • Student's Social Security card
    • Student's immunization record
    • Parent/Guardian photo ID

    Please note: Space is limited for Paid PreKindergarten.  Available seats will not be determined until mid-August.

Reference Guides

  • Use these documents to assist you in completing the online enrollment form.  
    pdf Enrolling a New Student Quick Tip Sheet - A quick reference guide with basic information for completing online enrollment.
    pdf Enrolling Online Instructions - A detailed step-by-step guide to completing the online form.
    pdf Several items on the form require responses related to the release of directory information, acceptable use policy, and the student handbook.  The Additional Information Guide will provide a detailed explanation of your options and assist you in completing those items in the online form.
    pdf Other supporting documents: Science Safety Guide, and Extracurricular Behavior Management Plan (grades 7-12 only)

     Adobe Reader will be needed to open the instructions.  Following the instructions will help ensure an accurate submission of information.