• Returning Student Registration

    in Home Access Center

     Online registration is for children who were enrolled in Midway ISD on the last day of the prior school year. If your child was not at any Midway ISD campus at the end of last year, you will need to complete the New Student Enrollment process. 

How to Register

  • A Home Access Center parent account is required to register a returning student.  If you do not have a Home Access Center parent login, follow these directions to create an account.
    All Students: Online registration must be completed by August 12, 2017 for all returning students.



    Login to Home Access Center from a computer (not a mobile device). Remember to follow the instructions in the reference guides column while completing the online form.
    Suggested browsers:

    Firefox - Current release plus 4 prior versions (Recommended browser)
    Internet Explorer 10, 11 (NOT in compatibility mode)
    Chrome - Current release plus 4 prior versions
    Safari 5.1.7
    *The pop-up blocker must be disabled.



    Complete additional document:

Reference Guides

  • Use these PDF documents to assist you in completing the online registration form.  
    pdf icon Returning Student Registration Instructions - A step-by-step guide to completing the online form.
    PDF icon Additional Information Guide - Several items on the form require responses related to the release of directory information, acceptable use policy, iPad parent agreement, and the student handbook. This guide will provide a detailed explanation of your options and assist you in completing those items in the online form.
    PDF icon Other supporting documents:  Science Safety Guide, and Extracurricular Behavior Management Plan (grades 7-12 only)

    Adobe Reader will be needed to open the instructions.  Following the instructions will help ensure an accurate submission of information.