• Technology allows us to create a truly participatory and authentic learning environment for our students. Through technology, we can inspire students to create, communicate, collaborate, problem-solve, and think critically about ideas and content in ways that were not previously possible. Technology heightens engagement, encourages a student-centered learning environment, and intensifies the desire to learn. Without technology our students and staff wouldn't have access to resources on a world-wide scale. By equipping our students and staff with technology, we've guaranteed equitable access to all of our students for formal and informal learning, both inside and outside the classroom.
    It's clear, technology is an important piece of how we educate our students. At Midway ISD, we want to be the standard of excellence in educational technology through our commitment to innovative learning. In our Technology Plan, you'll see how we've outlined a variety of goals, objectives, and strategies to help us become the standard of excellence in K-12 educational technology.
    Join us as we continue to empower our students and staff to achieve their operational and educational technology goals through support, guidance, and collaboration.

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