Listed below is the current weekly spelling list and sentences that your child will be tested on each Friday. I try to post the new words and sentences on Friday afternoon for the upcoming week in case you want to get ahead and begin studying for the next week.
The spelling list will be in the plastic sheet protector in your child's blue folder for them to study both at home and school. Please leave it in there until we replace it with the next list so we can have the list to study at school also.
Another GREAT way to study spelling is to use the website: . There are many activities your child can do to help them learn their words each week.
Make sure your child writes all spelling words with lower-case letters and puts correct punctuation at the beginning and end of their sentences. Thanks for all your support!
leg, beg, men, hen, let, get, spend, sled, top, lot, no, some
Sentence dictation: The men got a hen. We met in the west.
Spelling List 10 (tested Friday, Dec. 4)
fish, shop, ship, with, thin, thank, thick, sixth, run, bug, want, all
Sentence dictation: I want all the fish. Thank you for the ship.
Spelling List 11 (tested Friday, Dec. 11)
make, take, came, game, gate, late, page, space, shop, with, why, school
Sentence dictation: He came to my game. Why is school so very fun?
Spelling List 12 (tested Friday, Jan. 8)
like, spike, ride, hide, bike, mine, twice, shine, make, came, how, there
Sentence dictation: How was the ride? That bike is like mine.
Spelling List 13 (tested Friday, Jan. 15)
whip, whale, catch, match, chin, chop, which, chicken, like, ride, your, from
Sentence dictation: I will catch the whale. When can we chat?
Spelling List 14 (tested Friday, Jan. 22)
hope, nose, note, rope, cute, cube, close, quote, chop, whale, old, new
Sentence dictation: You have a cute nose. The old mule had hope.
Spelling List 15 (tested Friday, Jan. 29)
strike, string, splash, split, scrub, scrap, throne, thrill, nose, cute, does, girl
Sentence dictation: Do not split the string. Why does the girl splash?