• How long ago did you wear your letterman jacket? 10, 20, 30, 40 years?


    It is time for the class of 2012 to don their Midway Panther letter jackets. Each year, Midway students participate in activities that earn letter jackets. This year, you have a chance to sponsor a senior and aid them in receiving their jacket.

    Hard Work Pays Off

    In order for a student to qualify for a jacket in academics, he or she must maintain aGPA of 95 or higher for five consecutive semesters. This high achievement deserves to be commended. This group of graduates is the first of the new decade, which is why we aim to gain support from the alumni community.
    How Can I Help?

    You may choose to carry on this legacy in one or both of the following ways. To sponsor one student, you may choose to donate $75, which will cover the cost of the jacket itself. Also available is a patch package costing $50. A patch is earned by maintaining a GPA of 95 or above for three consecutive semesters. If a student letters in an extracurricular activity such as choir or basketball, they will not be excluded from receiving an academic patch for their sleeve. The patch package will allow you to sponsor up to five students.

    The Reward for Your Kindness

    This program is a great way to help give Midway students a memorable senior year. As a token of our gratitude for your generous donation, you will receive a handwritten letter of appreciation from the student whose jacket you sponsored.
    To donate, contact us for a donation form or to make a pledge by phone.  You can also donate online. Please note that gifts made online will appear on your credit card as Gift2Schools, the company maintaining our online gift services.

    thank you