Midway ISD Procedures for Workers Compensation Claims

  • Step One:

    • If this is an emergency or life threatening, call 911
    • Report the incident to the campus nurse or to immediate supervisor if nurse is unavailable.

    Step Two:

    • Injured person or nurse will complete the injury report and submit. If paper copy, please submit to Kelcie Griggs.
    • There is a list of authorized clinics on the MISD website; one of those should be chosen.
    • Please call Kelcie Griggs (ext 1136) prior to going to Urgent Care so she can call ahead and authorize care. NOVA has pre-authorization on file. 

    Step Three:

    • The physician will examine the employee and advise as to when he/she can return to work.  The physician will complete a Texas Workers’ Compensation Work Status Report and provide a copy to the employee and the District.
    • If there is a follow-up appointment, it is the employee’s responsibility to go, or run the risk of the claim being denied.


    Facts to know:

    • For accidents on campuses during hours when a school nurse is available, the employee should be sent to the school nurse.
    • Maintenance and custodial workers working on a campus should contact the school nurse for that campus, if available, or contact Kevin Summers (custodial staff), or Corry Crager (maintenance staff).
    • In the case of injuries after hours, out-of-district, or at other times, the administrator-in-charge will assess the situation.
    • Not all medical providers handle workers compensation injuries; the employee should not immediately go to his/her family physician.
    • If one of the listed clinics is not available, the employee should go to a local hospital emergency room.
    • The employee needs to work with the clinics identified by MISD, or, if treatment is sought later (after the immediate time of injury), the employee needs to see a physician that takes workers compensation cases.
    •  If no supervisor is available, contact Kelcie Griggs, HR Benefits Specialist. Email is kelcie.griggs@midwayisd.org, and phone number is 761-5611 ext. 1136.


    Employees refusing medical care:


    If the administrator in charge believes there is a possible injury but the employee does not believe he/she needs medical attention, MISD cannot force the employee to seek medical attention.  However, the administrator should still complete the First Report of Injury.

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