• Introducing
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    “Name That Book!”
    “Name That Book!” is an exciting new reading program just for sixth-graders in the Midway Intermediate Schools. If you accept the challenge to “Name That Book!”, you will be given a list of 20 great titles selected by Mrs. Hair (WI Librarian) and Mrs. McDaniel (RVI Librarian). Your job is to begin to read the books in preparation for the upcoming games in which you will compete in teams to answer questions about the books. During the month of March, teams will compete in elimination rounds until each campus has determined their top five teams.
    Then the fun really begins. The top teams from each school will battle it out on (date to be announced) to determine who can most successfully "Name That Book!".
    While the final competition is in May, there is plenty of fun and challenge along the way. You will never know when your librarian might stop by your reading class with a question or two. Correct answers can earn team members free reading time in the library, extra check-out privileges, and even free paperback books.

    And whether or not your team advances very far in the competition, you will have a list of 20 great titles to read and an entire grade level of students who are enjoying the same books. What a wonderful opportunity to talk about great titles you’ve read, offer recommendations to others, get suggestions on what to read next, and share your thoughts about the books! After all, it’s like Mortimer Jerome Adler says, “In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.”

    We hope you have as much fun reading the books on the list as we had making it (and reading them!). We can’t wait to hear your thoughts – which books will you love? Which ones will make you sad or angry? Which ones will change the way you feel about something? Share the fun – enjoy the books and the competition as you try to “Name That Book!”.


    Mrs. Hair, Librarian                                                    Mrs. McDaniel, Librarian
    Woodgate Intermediate                                             River Valley Intermediate