• Principal's Page  

     Dear Speegleville Parents,

    We are looking forward to another great year! Our school theme this year is "Get In the Game!" I love this theme because I love to watch and play sports. I also love this theme because it reminds me that the game of life and education is not a spectator sport and requires each of us to take initiative, if we want to grow, change, and make a difference. 

    Our theme this year is based on a "growth mindset" that says life and abilities are not set in stone. I can cultivate and develop the skills I need and make a change in the world around me through learning, effort, faith, and persistence. So many times people limit what they can do by saying, "I can't" or "It's too hard." They believe that they are not capable, they are defined by their previous failures, and think they will never be able to achieve something that big. A growth mindset, however, views failure as a part of the learning process and that through effort, determination, belief, and grit so much more is possible.   This is the kind of mindset we want to grow in ourselves and our students. We want to see them "Get In the Game!" and reach higher and higher levels of achievement intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. 

    As a school, we hope you will "Get In the Game!" and join us as partners in the education of our students. Education is a team effort between the school, the parents, and our community volunteers. Let's all "Get In the Game!" for our students and see them win! It's going to be a great year!


    Christopher Eberlein

    Speegleville Elementary Principal