Accelerated Reader 
    What is AR?
    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading program used by several schools in Midway ISD.  Students are encouraged to read "AR" books carefully and then take a quiz which requires them to recall details of the book.  A passing grade on the quiz earns them points for their success.  The earned points allow students to gain recognition for their reading achievements and participate in special events planned by teachers and library staff.
    How are AR reading levels determined?
    Students take a computerized STAR reading test to determine their reading level.  When students come to the the library, they select books in their appropriate reading range.
    What are AR goals?
    Students have an AR goal set for them each six weeks by their classroom teachers.  Goals consist of three parts.  The first part is the number or points the student is expected to earn within the six week period.  The second part is the AR book level range.  The final part of the goal is maintaining a teacher-determined average percent correct.  If a student meets all three parts of the goal, that student earns achievement rewards.
    How can I view my child's progress?
    Parents can use Renaissance Home Connect to keep up with their child's reading progress.  Simply go to https://Hosted42.renlearn.com/230050/HomeConnect .  Use your child's username and password.  Your child should know this information because he/she uses this same information when logging into AR at school.  Furthermore, you can also request a parent letter with this information from the library.
    Which books have AR quizzes?
    Visit http://www.arbookfind.com to determine if a book has a quiz created for it.  Since we use the Web version of Accelerated Reader through Renaissance Place, our school has access all the quizzes noted at http://www.arbookfind.com.  Even though every quiz is accessible, the SBE library does not necessarily own a copy of every title listed; AR Book Find lists all quizzes available in all levels.  Students may read books from home or the public libraries, check the AR Book Find Web site to see if a quiz exists, and if it does, take a quiz on the book at school.
    What are certification levels and point clubs?
    AR certification levels are motivating benchmarks for students.  Certification levels assist students in moving from picture books to chapter books; encourage students to expand their reading experiences; and drive them to attempt more and more complex levels of reading.  First grade teachers set beginning certifications.  Monitoring continues until the student is ready for the Honors Reader criteria.  Once a student completes the Honors Reader requirements, that student's picture is added to the Honors Reader Wall of Fame in the library.  See the chart below for more information about certification levels.
    AR point clubs are motivators that encourage students to not stop reading once AR goals are met.  Point clubs encourage students to read, read, read.  Students earn more rewards for reading and passing quizzes a specific number of books.  See the chart below for more information about point clubs.


     Certification Levels
    At the Independent Reader level and beyond, the student must read the books independently.


    Beginning Reader

    Read 1 book TWI (Read together, with someone, or independently) and pass quiz

     White Bead
     Ready ReaderEarn 5 points by reading TWI Yellow Bead

    Independent Reader

    3 books, 1.2 level or higher + pass quizzes + 10 points

     Red Bead
     Rising Reader3 books, 1.6 level or higher + 10 points Orange Bead

    Super Reader

    3 books, 2.0 level or higher, each worth at least 1 point  + pass quizzes

     Blue Bead

    Advanced Reader

    3 books, 3.0 level or higher, each worth at least 2 points + pass quizzes

     Gold Bead

    Star Reader

    3 books, 4.0 level or higher, each worth at least 4  points + pass quizzes.

     Star Bead

    Classic Reader

    3 books, 6.0 level or higher, each worth at least 7 points + pass quizzes.

     Choice Bead

    Honor Reader

    Accumulate 100 points from the Honor Level List. (See teacher for list and for additional requirements)

     Choice Bead


    Point Clubs The student receives free choice beads upon attaining particular amounts of points in the school year.