• Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Accelerated Reader?
    Accelerated Reader is a reading program used by Woodway Elementary.  Students are encouraged to read "AR" books carefully and then take a quiz which requires them to recall details of the book.  A passing grade on the quiz earns them points for their success.  The earned points allow students to gain recognition for their reading achievement and participate in special events planned by the library staff.
    What is my child's Accelerated Reader goal?
    Students in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade have an AR goal set for them each six weeks by their classroom teacher.  The goal consists of three parts.  The first part is the number of points the students is expected to earn in the six weeks period.  The second part is their book level.  The third part of the goal is maintaining an average percent correct of 85% or higher.  If a student meets all three parts of their goal, they are invited to attend the AR celebration for that six weeks.