Who is Q-Bear?

Parents often ask, "Who is Q-Bear?"

Q-Bear is a favorite friend of our Kindergarten and First Grade students.  He visits every time there is a classroom guidance lesson with Mrs. York, and stays in each K and 1st grade classroom to "monitor" how students are doing.  Q-Bear loves to have soft hugs, ear and head scratches, and tummy rubs.  Q-Bear chooses a "Super Listener" at the end of the classroom guidance lessons and that person gets to put Q-Bear anywhere in the classroom to sit for the rest of the day.

Q-Bear has many "cousins" in our building.  Each Kindergarten and First Grade class has their own Q-Bear.  Mrs. York has a Q-Bear in her office that older students frequently drop by and ask to give a hug.
Q-Bear appears on daily announcements during Red Ribbon Week to emphasize the drug awareness emphasis of the days of that special week.