• Bear Nurse

    What is considered fever? If your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher, he/she is required to stay home until he/she is able to maintain a temperature of less than 100 degrees for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication to do so.
    What if my child will need medication during the school day?
    Any child needing medication at school must have the proper form on file with the nurse. Medication that is to be administered 10 days or less will require the "Medication Administration Request Form" to be filled out with the signature of the parent/guardian. Medication that will be administered for more than 10 days will need the same form to be filled out (see link below), but must also be signed by the prescribing physician as well as the parent/guardian. All medication must be in its original, labeled container.
    Can my child carry their asthma inhaler?
    With the proper form, the child is allowed to carry their inhaler at school. 
    Can my child carry a pill to take at lunch or other time during the day?All medications to be taken at school must be kept in the clinic.  A note from the parent must accompany all medications, prescription or non-prescription.
    How will I know if my child needs an immunization?Letters are sent out prior to immunizations being due. State Law prohibits a child who is not up to date on their immunizations to be in attendance. Please send a copy of the updated shot record to the school nurse when the immunizations have been given. 
    My child needs occasional medications for headaches or other conditions. Can I leave medication for the year to be given as needed?
    Yes.  Medications may be left in the clinic for the duration of the school year with the proper form filled out and signed by the physician and parent/guardian.
    Can I just give the school permission over the phone to give my child a Tylenol or Motrin?Midway ISD does not purchase any medication for student use. Your child will only be given medications that are sent from home with proper documentation on file.