• The Spring Valley Birthday Book Club supports our campus library by allowing parents, grandparents, and friends to donate a book in honor of their student.
    Your child will be assisted in selecting an appropriate book for the set price of $15.00. This is a tax deductible gift. The book will remain in the library for all to check out and enjoy.  A bookplate with your child's name will be placed inside the front cover, and he or she will be the first to check out the book. Families with more than one child may purchase a separate book for each child, or siblings may share the nameplate in one book.  Your child will also be invited to the Birthday Book Club birthday party held in the library at the end of the semester! 

    If you have any questions, please contact us at 761-5710, ext. 6165 or jennifer.smith@midwayisd.org. Thank you in advance for your support!