• Title I, Part A
    Title I, Part A provides supplemental funding for five campuses in our district.  The funding is for resources to help schools with high numbers of students who qualify for the federal lunch program.  The purpose of the funding is to ensure that the campuses have access to high-quality, scientifically researched instructional practices.  Our Title I, Part A school-wide campuses include: 
    * Castleman Creek Elementary
    *  Hewitt Elementary Elementary 
    *  Spring Valley Elementary
    *  Speegleville Elementary
    *Woodgate Intermediate
    Title II,  Part A
    Midway I.S.D. receives supplemental funding to improve student achievement through staff development strategies.  The program funds scientifically-based, professional development and requires districts and schools are held accountable for improvements in student academic performance through the implementation of new strategies.  
    Title II, Part A support includes but is not limited to: 
              *  Professional development opportunities
              *  Activities to ensure highly qualified teachers
    Title III
    Title III  includes supplemental federal funding to support our English Language Learners, also known as English as a Second Language.
    Please see the ELL webpage.