Credit By Exam

  • Credit by Examination (CBE), is the process by which an eligible student may take an approved exam covering the essential knowledge and skills for a grade or course in which he/she has had with or without prior instruction.

    Please Note: Credit by exams for English I, English II, Algebra 1, Biology, and US History will only be given as credit recovery.  These exams are currently not available for acceleration purposes from University of Texas K16.  Credit recovery is defined as students who have previously studied the material required for the course and can also provide documentation of fulfilling course requirements.  Students are still required to meet passing standard on the STAAR EOC for these courses. 

    For secondary courses, each semester of a one credit course is tested with a separate exam; therefore, a student attempting to earn 1 credit must earn at least 80% or better on both semester exams without receiving prior instruction except for the EOC tested courses.  A student who scores 80% or better on only one semester exam will receive 1/2 credit.  A student attempting to recover credit after receiving instruction must earn at least 70% on both semester exams in order to be awarded credit.

    For grades 1st - 8th, a student must take four exams - language arts/reading, math, science, social studies - and must earn at least 80% on all four tests to advance to the next grade level.

    A $25 fee is charged for each exam and required for registration for the exam(s) chosen.  For acceleration purposes only: Student(s) will receive their money back when they arrive to take their exam on the scheduled day.  Click on the link below for study guides related to each available testing course. 

    There are five sessions provided for students to choose:
     Testing Date(s)  
     Application Deadline
     June 13th and/or 14th, 2017
     May 26, 2017
     July 11th and/or 12th, 2017
     June 15, 2017
     August 29th and/or 30th, 2017
     August 1, 2017
     December 5th and /or 6th, 2017
     November 10, 2017   
     January 9th and/or 10th, 2017
     December 15, 2017
    Please note that students may choose the month of the Credit by Exam, but not the date!
    To apply for the Credit by Exam, please download the application form below.