For online donations, click: https://edbacker.com/c/south--bosque-elementary-2017-jogathon.

    Jog-a-thon FAQ’s

    What is the Jog-a-thon?  On Friday, October 6th, students will walk, jog, or run a total of 6 laps around the ¼ mile campus track during the school day.  Prior to the event, each student will have an opportunity to get donations.  Please only permit your child to receive donations from friends and family and chaperone your child if going to neighbors.

    Is there a minimum amount that my child needs to raise in order to participate?  No, there is no minimum. All students are welcome to participate, and all donations are appreciated. However, in order to get your name on the Jog-a-thon Banner, your child must raise at least $100.  Our goal is 100% participation.  If each child raised at least $50, that would be over $30,000 for the school!  There will special prize if we get 100% participation.

    How do the donated funds benefit my student or South Bosque?  The funds will go towards the programs already designated by the PTA that include (to name a few): Field Trips, End of Year Parties, Teacher Appreciation Lunches and Events, Cultural Art Events, Red Ribbon Week, and Assignment Notebooks. 

    Is there a Donation Goal? Yes!  If we exceed $20,000 in donation, we can fund future opportunities like a playground cover, water bottle filling stations, and new playground equipment

    What should my child wear/bring the day of the Jog-a-thon?  We ask that they wear comfortable clothing and athletic-type shoes. Students are also encouraged to wear their South Bosque t-shirt or any Disney clothes or accessories!  Please apply sunscreen before school. If it’s hot this day, we will have misting stations and water sprayers to keep the kids cool! 

    Do you need volunteers?  Yes, we are always looking for volunteers even if you can only come for an hour. Look for emails from your classroom representative or contact Molly Rieger at mrieger@cnbwaco.com if you would like to volunteer.  Per district policy, volunteers must first complete a very short online application. This can be done by going to www.midwayisd.org and clicking on the Volunteer Application link near the bottom of the page.

    Can I run with my child? Absolutely! Yes, please do. We encourage parent participation.  You can jog, volunteer, or just come out and cheer the kids on. 

    Can people give online donations?  Yes, visit South Bosque’s home page and click on the fundraisers link. Be sure to follow the instructions in order to ensure your student gets credit for the donation. 

    To whom should the checks be made payable to?  South Bosque PTA

    When do we turn in the donated money?  As soon as it is collected!  You are not asking for a pledge, where the money is collected after the jog-a-thon.  You are asking for a donation.  So, the money may be collected immediately!  Please turn in your envelope once you have collected the money from ALL of your sponsors.  All money is due by the day of the jog-a-thon (October 6th)!

    What time is my child running?

    Pre-K and K                          8:20-9:00

    1st Grade                              9:05-9:45

    2nd Grade                             9:50-10:20

    3rd Grade                             10:25-10:55

    4th Grade                             11:00-11:30

    Are there prizes?  Yes!  There are both class and individual prizes!  Our hope is this allows for a fun, group effort that all can achieve and enjoy together as a class!  As a class raises more money together, their prize is more exciting!  Below are the class prizes:

    $1,000- Pajama Day

    $800- Game Hour

    $600- Extra Recess

    $400- Popsicles

    We will also award the top 2 earners of each grade level as “Panthers of the Day.”  They will be recognized and will receive a prize.