• Parent Information Meetings at River Valley Intermediate Cafeteria:

    Come learn about how we do school at River Valley. We will discuss scheduling, electives, policies, and procedures for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Current 4th grade parents from South Bosque, Speegleville, and Woodway- 7:00

    Current 5th grade parents- 6:00

    Gifted and Talented Information - Forms, Dates, & More Information

    River Valley Intermediate is accepting Gifted and Talented (GT) Nominations. Please complete the Nomination form and the Parent Inventory. Both forms need to be turned into Jade George by January 31st. No late nominations will be accepted. Results of GT testing will be sent home on April 16, 2018.

    Most very bright students are best served by the regular curriculum. Only truly gifted students have an educational need for a differentiated curriculum. The following list of characteristics may help you to determine if your child does demonstrate such an educational need.

     Bright Child       
     Gifted Learner
     Knows the answers    Asks the questions
     Is interested  Is highly curious
     Has good ideas  Has wild, silly ideas at times
     Answers the question  Discusses in detail, elaborates
     Top Group  Beyond the group
     Understands Ideas   Constructs abstractions
     Enjoys Peers  Prefers Adults
    5th Graders:
    Tuesday, April 10th- Math
    Wednesday, April 11th- Reading
    Wednesday, May 16th- Science
    Retest Dates for 5th Graders:
    Monday, May 14th- Math Retest
    Tuesday, May 15th- Reading Retest
    Tuesday, June 26th- Math Retest
    Wednesday, June 27th- Reading Retest
    6th Graders:
    Monday, May 14th- Math
    Tuesday, May 15th- Reading
    Off Campus PE Information:
    Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will be posted in February, and are due back to Jade George in May 2018.
    504 Information:
    Please contact Robyn Johnson or Jade George with any questions.