• Important Dates for 2017-2018 School Year:
    • August 10th - Schedule Pick Up 8am - 4pm
    • August 17th - Meet the Teacher Time TBD
    • August 21st - First Day of School 
    Current 6th Graders:
    • February 2018- Middle School Counselors to River Valley to introduce registration for Middle School
    • Parent Meeting at PAC (Middle School)
    • Course Selection sheets are due back at RVI
    • May 2nd- 6th graders go over to Middle School for a tour of the campus


     Current 5th Graders:
    • March 28th and 29th- Fine Arts Presentations during ST for elective choices next year.
    • April 16th at 6:00- Parent Night at River Valley in the Cafeteria
    • Course selection forms due back at school on April 23rd.
    • Orchestra Rental Night @Middle School- TBA
    • Band Rental Night @River Valley Band Hall-TBA
    Current 4th Graders:
    • April 16th at 7:00- Parent Meeting at the River Valley Cafeteria to learn about River Valley school days
    • Scheduling form due back at school on April 23rd.
    • May 3rd- Current 4th graders to River Valley for a tour of the campus
    **If your student is coming from a home school setting, please set up an appointment for a grade placement testing appointment.
    Failure Information:
    According to our handbook (and T.E.C. 28.021[a]), a student's overall average must be 70 or above at the end of the school year to be promoted to the next grade level. Additionally, an average of 70 or above must be earned in both math and the combined language arts/reading grade. IF a student fails for the year, in one of the three ways described above, summer school will be required in order to move to the next grade. Summer school begins in June and lasts for about four weeks. 
    Student Success Initiative- 5th Graders:
     5th graders must pass the state assessment, STAAR, in both reading and math, in order to promote to 6th grade. There are 3 opportunities to take the assessments (March, May, and June).