Midway's Prevention Plan

  • Zika virus is primarily contracted through Aedes mosquito bites. Because Zika virus is not transmitted from person to person by casual contact, Midway ISD is prioritizing actions that can prevent mosquito bites on school grounds.
    Our maintenance and grounds crews are vigilant in our efforts to:
    • identify and remove anything that could be a mosquito breeding ground
    • keep grass mowed to prevent breeding areas
    • use mosquito dunks to kill larvae
    • treat standing water areas after heavy rain
    • drill holes in the bottoms of outdoor containers, such as trash cans
    • provide bug spray for employees assigned to outdoor duties
    In addition, we are working hard to provide prevention information to nurses, teachers, and parents so we can all work together to protect our children. Please read the printable guides referenced on this page. The guides include talking points for parents when talking to your children as well as bug spray information. Please follow the guides about how to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds around your home and encourage neighbors to do the same.
    As of August 3, there are no Zika cases in Texas that have been contracted locally. (89 Texas cases have been reported all due to travel elsewhere.) Regardless, if you are concerned about local mosquitoes, please apply a multi-hour bug spray on your child before school. In April, Consumer Reports published that the following products have long-term protection against Aedes mosquitoes:
    • Sawyer Picaridin - 8 hours
    • Natrapel 8 Hour - 8 hours
    • Off! Deepwoods VIII - 8 hrs
    • Ben’s Deet Tick & Insect Wilderness Formula - 7.5 hrs
    • Repel Lemon Eucalyptus - 7 hours
    As a school district, we are not an authority to recommend bug spray; Please read all warnings and product label directions when choosing protection for your family.