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    Troubleshooting Tips 
    1. Check battery life.
      Plug in the iPad for the entire install if your battery is under 50%.

    2. Backup iPad

      • Setting
      • iCloud
      • Backup
      • iCloud Backup On
      • Back Up Now

    3. Install iOS Update

      • Settings
      • General
      • Software Update
      • Download & Install  
      • (or Install Now)
      • Agree to Terms & Conditions
      • The iPad will reboot and begin the install
        (10 min-1 hr)
        4. After the install, the iPad
    will power back on to the Hello screen. 

    In the next column are examples of the items that may appear during this finalizing process.   

    Q1:  What can I do if my iPad will not back up because there is not enough space?
    1. Delete as many photos and videos as possible.
    2. Save wanted photos and videos to your Google Drive account.
      Step-by-step Directions...
    3. Delete any unnecessary apps or those taking the most space.
      Find them here:  Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage.
    4. IMPORTANT: Reboot iPad to recalculate your free space before trying install again.

    Q2:  After the install, what Finalizing Options should I choose?

    Below are some of the items that may appear during the finalizing process.  Generally it almost always will include the highlighted items. Other options may appear, but not in any particular order.  If an option comes up that you are unsure about, contact me.
    • Hello
    • Update Completed - Continue
    • Enter 4-digit passcode
    • Choose Network MISD-Secure
    • Enable Location Services
    • Enter Apple ID password
      (same as for installing apps)
    • Choose Use iCloud
    • Find My iPad – Use
    • Register with Apple – Off
    • Update to iCloud Drive
    • Set Up iCloud Keychain – Set Up Later
    • Get Started