Corporate & Community Promotions (Distribution Requests)


    1. Online community bulletin board

    Upload graphics or flyers to Include flyers, ads, coupons, or registration forms geared towards parents or educators. No prior approval necessary. See “read me” guidelines on the bulletin board.

    2. Campus flyers

    Provide a letter-size flyer to be displayed in campus lobbies on community info sign  -or-   provide copies of marketing materials to sit on campus front office table. Approval required from district central office.

    3. Staff bulletin board or emails

    Info can be posted to MISD employees via Schoology. Email JPG, text, or PDF to Higher/continuing education info is emailed directly to staff in newsletters. Email JPG or text to Health & wellness promotions can be included in a monthly staff newsletter. Email JPG or text to

    4. Freebies for staff or students

    Deliver free gifts or vouchers directly to campuses. Must be completely free (not “buy one get one” or “free with adult meal”). Gifts may be distributed or set in central location at principal’s discretion in consideration of personnel time, interruption, or fit with campus priorities. Company info accompanying the gifts is generally permissible.

    5. Presentations to staff or students

    Patriotic societies (US Code Title 36) are permitted facetime with children at principal’s discretion. Contact campus principal. Companies may sponsor a staff meeting with food or funds, and provide marketing info or man a booth at the meeting. No more than 60-second “introduction” to group though!

    6. Direct distribution

    For a minimum contribution of $500, the Midway ISD Education Foundation can promote a corporate fundraiser district-wide through flyers sent home directly with children, flyers in staff mailboxes, emails, or social media. Conditions apply. Fundraisers are subject to approval in advance by the Education Foundation Executive Director (

    7. Advertising

    For athletics advertising, contact To advertise in the Midway High School Panther Post newspaper, contact

    8. Send your own info

    Send public information request to for staff email addresses or student home addresses. Only permissible information will be released.