More Info:
  • President: Coordinate the work of the officers and committees to promote the purposes of PTA. Leads the PTA in cooperation with the other members of the Executive Board.

    Vice President of Communications: Responsible for communicating timely and effectively with Board, School Staff, PTA Members, and parents of the school

    Vice President of Membership: Responsible for recruiting members to PTA, an important role in the success of the PTA because members are the foundation of achieving our mission to make every child’s potential a reality. 

    Vice President of Programs: Responsible for offering a variety of programs for parents, students, and educators to empower them with knowledge and new skills, while building a sense of community within the school.

    Vice President of Fundraising:  Responsible for the fundraisers for the  PTA, an important role in the success of the PTA because members are the foundation of achieving our mission to make every child’s potential a reality. 

    Secretary: Responsible for keeping accurate records of all association proceedings. Oversees all communications as point of contact.

    Treasurer: Responsible for the funds of the association, and receives and disburses all monies in accordance with the budget as approved by the association membership. 

    Historian: Maintains a record of PTA sponsored activities in the form of an annual scrapbook. Will also update & submit handbook to council once a year. 

    Parliamentarian:  Advises the board of directors and members on matters of parliamentary procedure, and serves as a consultant, especially in a meeting, where only the chair has the authority to rule on questions of order or to answer parliamentary inquires. 

    Website/Edbacker: Responsible for updating PTA website with new information. Also responsible for updating Edbacker fundraisign page with new campaigns.

    Marquee & Display Lead: Help the office staff update the school marquee on a weekly basis and help the PTA update the hallway displays. 

    Social Media/Website:  Oversee the PTA website, Facebook and Twitter. 

    Council Representative: Represent the SB PTA at Midway Council Meetings (6 per year) and report back to the Board regarding updates/information.

    Student Directory: Send home fliers to solicit input about participation in a school wide printed directory. If enough positive input is received, organize information, print and distribute for sale.

    Volunteer Coordinator: PTA distributes flyers at the beginning of the school year. Chairperson is to collect and coordinate the info that is returned from parents. Sends out Sign UP Genius vounteer requests.

    Grant Writer/PTA Awards: Research potential grants to apply for and apply for PTA awards for the year.

    Benevolence/ Condolences Chair: Work with counselor, sending of cards tostudents or staff with a significant life event. 

    Staff Appreciation Lead: Coordinates the events & activities for Staff Appreciation throughout the year & during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. 

    Grade Level Coordinator: The chairperson coordinates classroom parents and advises them on planning the two class parties (additional parties in kindergarten).

    Volunteer Appreciation: Responsible for creating opportunities to thank PTA volunteers, by social media posts, thank you notes, small gift cards. 

    Service Day: Responsible for coordinating two service days during the school year. The one in the fall will be on-site during recess, the second one in the spring will be off site.

    Track Day: Thesis a day-time event held during school hours. The chair would work with the Physical Education teachers to organize field day. Schedule class parent volunteers, assign them to various game stations, and organize for water and ice-pops for every child in the school.

    End of Year Celebrations: Responsible for coordinating inflatables for the party and the snow cone truck. Also needs to be responsible for coordinating volunteers for the event.

    Student Recognition Chair:

    Star Board: Responsible for going up to campus and making sure "star work" is added to the Star Board.

    Student Awards: Cooridnates with area businesses to find coupons for OUtstanding Progress Awards, A/B Honor Roll, and perfect attendance. Prints out certificates for students. Also responsible for school ornaments in December.

    Birthday Book Club: The chair helps organize parent-dedicated books..  Chair will work directly with the media specialist to coordinate the birthday book event.

    Yearbook:  The Chairperson takes pictures as well as collects other pictures from parents and teachers for the yearbook. They select the theme, organize the pictures and create the page layouts.

    Art Chair:

    Square One Artwork:Coordinate with Art teacher in regards to advertising/gathering interest in Square 1 fundraiser.

    Reflections: The Reflections Coordinator will manage the process of entering student submissions to the district Reflections Program.

    Cultural Arts Assemblies: Chair attends cultural arts showcases, selects, and arranges assemblies for students.  Coordinates with Principal to bring shows appropriate for individual building needs.  Volunteers assist with viewing showcases, scheduling and organizing assemblies both prior to and day of performances.

    Cultural Arts Fair: The Chair helps plan and organize an annual Multicultural night. The objective is to educate the future generation, encourage the recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultural traditions represented in our school. Volunteers assist in all efforts needed in preparation for the event as well as helping the night of the event.

    Picture Day: We have two picture days during the year: one in September and one in April. The September photos will used in the yearbook. Contact school secretaries to find out the dates of the picture days. Distribute flyers (a flyer for each student will be sent to the school from the photo company). It is important to find two other volunteers for the day of the event. Volunteers can be your friends, or you can set up Sign-Up Genius. Attendance on the day of the event is required.

    Environmental:The Chair organizes an Earth Day fundraiser/event in the month of April. 

    Red Ribbon Week Lead:  Works closely with the counselor to execute events for Red Ribbon Week in October. 

    Outdoor Living Room: Coordinates with teachers and parents to make sure every class has a garden space and a parent volunteer to take out the children every other week for a lesson. Coordinates with nurseries in town in order to have seeds donated.

    Community Reads Day: The school arranges for community volunteers to come into classrooms and read to students.

    Library Coordinator: The Library Coordinator will manage the schedule for the Library volunteers. This job is done in coordination with the Librarian. Work with the librarian to coordinate volunteers for various library functions such as shelving, check-in/out, minor book repair, and lamination.

    School Supply Lead:  Coordinate the ordering & arrangements for the back-to-school supply packs. 

    Grandparents Week: The first Family Engagement event of the year takes place in September and is put on in cooperation with the main office.  The PTA coordinates photographer, shuttle service, and lunch options for grandparents visitng campus.

    Thanksgiving Lunch:

    Family Movie Night:  The role of the chair would be to determine what movie to show and distribute flyers through the green folders approximately two weeks in advance.  Decide what small snacks, popcorn, water and drinks will be provided on a self-service buffet.  Technology for showing the movie would be coordinated as well. 

    Kindergarten Coffee: Coordinates a coffee/breakfast for Kinder parents on the first day of school. Provides decorations and breakfast/coffee. Publicizes event.

    Special Needs Liaison:

    Watch D.O.G.S.: This position works closely with the Parent Liaison office to recruit, schedule, and remind the WatchDOGS dads of their day. The chair maintains the SignUp Genius/paper calendar.  It does have one element of event planning in the kick-off pizza party that takes place in September 

    Book Fair/Library Lead:  Assists librarian with book fair & volunteers

    Jogathon: Outline the needs for the jog-a-thon, Develop a support committee to set-up field, provide water, count money, and distribute prizes. Write Thank you notes to donors

    Box Tops for Education Lead:  Coordinate the details of the various rebate programs including Box Tops & Campbell's Labels. Collect the items & coordinate various student incentive programs.

    T-shirts:The chair designs and coordinate sale of school apparel. The chair and volunteers would bring the school spirit items to school events for sale and would be responsible for advertising all year through. This position works closely with the president.

    Carnival:   Coordinates an outdoor carnival in October activities,including games, a marketplace, crafts, food trucks, and other fun activities. Publicizes event and works to find sponsors.