• District Technology Committee

    The purpose of the District Technology Committee is to serve in an advisory role to the school district. They provide advice on the full range of information and instructional technology directions, strategies, policies, and plans that are vital to the district's missions and programs. The committee will work to help develop technology and instructional solutions to meet the district's strategic needs while simultaneously balancing technical and operational considerations. 

    Committee members are appointed by the Executive Director of Technology and Director of Instructional Technology. Membership should be broad and diverse to cover the tasks of the committee. Membership is also voluntary. The committee seeks representation from the following groups:

    • Administrative representatives
    • Staff representatives
    • Student representatives
    • Parent/Community representatives


    • Provide advice and guidance on technical and instructional technology related issues across the district
    • Provide guidance on the advantages, disadvantages, and potential impact of emerging technologies
    • Initiate or review submitted projects
    • Advise how the projects may be implemented
    • Propose policy related information to technology issues
  • December 4th, 2017 - Technology Committee Meeting

    Our fall meeting focused on reviewing the progress the district has made with the District Technology Plan. We also updated staff on the recent Schoology implementation and Apple Professional Learning series. We wrapped up the meeting by soliciting survey questions for an upcoming staff and student survey to measure the success of the recent roll-out of new iPads, cases, and systems.

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  • May 22nd, 2017 - Technology Committee Meeting

    In our final spring meeting, the Technology Committee focused on the revision of the district acceptable use policy. The committee broke into small groups to analyze the proposed responsible use policy and made final suggestions before its implementation. The district's annual BrightBytes data was shared and reviewed by committee members. Staff suggested some different ways in which we could improve in the areas measured. Find the full agenda and minutes of the meeting attached below.

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  • April 6th, 2017 - Technology Committee Meeting

    Our first spring meeting focused on presenting results of our 1:1 device pilots conducted at the Middle School and High School. Members of the committee broke into groups and discussed pros and cons of each device piloted. Digital learning environments were also an important topic discussed at the meeting. Susan Fletcher presented findings from pilots completed with a variety of DLEs. Schoology was selected as the new digital learning environment for Midway ISD during the 2017-2018 school year. Find the full agenda and minutes of the meeting attached below.

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  • November 14th, 2016 - Technology Committee Meeting

    The primary goal of our fall meeting surrounded the next step in our one-to-one learning initiative. Major topics discussed were digital learning environments and devices for our secondary students moving forward. Committee member feedback was very valuable in moving forward with these specific items. Find the agenda and the minutes of the meeting attached below.

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  • April 28th, 2016 - Technology Committee Meeting

    Our spring meeting was packed with great information and feedback from different stakeholders. We shared results from the annual BrightBytes technology survey, presented the new Technology Plan, highlighting key initiatives, and spoke about future plans for the summer and next year. Find the agenda and minutes of the meeting on the attachment below.

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