• Need Assistance?
    Kaci Powers
    Instructional Technology Specialist - Ex. 6222
    • Help teachers develop integrated curriculum/technology lessons
    • Assist with campus technology equipment such as Clickers, iPads (Apps, etc.), Mobis
    • Conduct staff development workshops related to technology integration. Teachers are required to have 9 hours (minimum) of technology professional development per year.
    • Train, support, and troubleshoot district software: Microsoft OfficeEduphoria (Forethought, Facilities & Events, Workshop), Schoolwires, Edmodo, Google Drive
    • Support the implementation of MISD’s 1:1 iPad Initiative 
    Campus Lab Assistant - Ex. 6207 or 6226:
    • Boot up lab computers daily
    • Teach and assist students during Specials rotation time
    • Assist teachers in the lab with students
    • Perform routine maintenance on lab and teacher equipment – updates, disk cleanup, defrag, software installation
    • Setup Outlook accounts and assist with voice mail
    • Manage Facilities & Events calendars for labs
    • Manage some district program accounts for students – Type to Learn, AR/Star, etc.
    • Manage equipment checkout needs – clickers, cameras, etc.
    • Manage AV equipment and setup –

    TV’s, Doc Cameras,projectors, etc.

    • Inventory building software and hardware
    • Handle routine tech work orders as assigned by the district technicians
    • Please put in a work order for the following:
      • Perform routine maintenance on lab and teacher computers - updates, install programs etc.
      • Inventory building hardware
      • Computer lab issues
      • Troubleshoot hardware issues (computers, printers etc.)