• Accelerated Reader is a program offered through Renaissance Learning.  This program offers book leveling, which makes it easy for our students to choose literature on specific reading levels.  Once an AR book is read, the reader may logon to AR via iPad or school computer and test on the book.  Points are earned for each test taken.  Second through fourth graders are given AR Point Goals.  These students strive to meet their goals each Six Weeks.  Parents of 1st and 2nd graders, please be on the lookout for information about AR parties at the end of each 6 Weeks.  
    RenLearn offers the opportunity for parents to be connected to their student's AR progress through RenLearn Home Connect.  This service allows parents to receive email notifications when their child takes an AR test.  It's a great way to stay on top of all things AR from afar! A Home Connect letter went home at the beginning of the year.  If your letter got "lost" (as many items do at the beginning of the year :)), please email your child's teacher or jennifer.smith@midwayisd.org for a new one.
    Our campus utilizes a dot system for AR leveling.  Each colored dot corresponds to a reading level.  
    smiley face: 0.5 - 0.9
    Blue star:     1.0 - 1.4
    green star:    1.5 - 1.9
    yellow dot:    2.0 - 2.4
    orange dot:    2.5 - 2.9
    light blue dot:   3.0 - 3.4
    white dot:      3.5 - 3.9
    navy blue dot:   4.0 - 4.4
    red dot:         4.5 - 4.9
    light pink dot:   5.0 - 5.4
    hot pink dot:   5.5 - 5.9
    black dot:   6.0 - 6.4
    dark green dot:   6.5 - 6.9
    lime green dot:   7.0 - 7.9
    pink star:   8.0 - 8.9 
    Student levels are determined by several factors.  One factor is the STAR Test (not be confused with the state STAAR Test).  This test is taken several times each school year to assess student reading progress.  Another factor is student involvement in the AR program, which includes test score average and points accumulated, along with reading from multiple genres.  
    Please note that AR tests and STAR Tests are strictly on-campus assessments.  These cannot be accessed away from Spring Valley.