• Our Professional Development School Team

    Our professional team is thrilled to be working with the faculty and staff at Spring Valley Elementary.  Some Spring Valley Teachers (Clinical Instructors) work with the junior level candidates (Teaching Associates) Monday through Thursday while the other Spring Valley Teachers (Mentors) work with the senior level candidates (Interns) Monday through Thursday. Paula Gardner, M.S.  is the Baylor Site Coordinator who works with the Baylor Faculty, Teaching Associates, Clinical Instructors, and Mentors.   Dr. Leanne Howell, University Liaison, works directly with the Teaching Associates and Clinical Instructors, preparing the TAs to teach small groups of students in the Clinical Instructors' classrooms.  

    Additionally, Mrs. Gardner, as an Intern Supervisor, also supervises senior level candidates in year-long pre-service internships with mentors teaching first through sixth grade students at other Midway campuses.