Past Accountability

  • Midway ISD Past Accountability Performance 
    Link to TEA's Website with Past Accountability Ratings:



    General Considerations

    • To be rated as "Met Standard," the district and each campus must meet all applicable index targets: four targets for the district, four targets for most high schools, and three targets for elementary and middle/junior high schools. If any one or more of the index targets is missed, the rating is "Improvement Required."
    • The four indexes address the extent to which 1) scores on all tests in the accountability subset are at or above Approaches Grade Level (keeping in mind that some students may contribute multiple test scores to the indexes) 2) performance on each of the tests in the accountability subset expected or accelerated progress measure expectations across up to 10 student groups, with extra weight given to the scores that accelerated progress expectations, 3) scores for economically disadvantaged students and up to the 2 lowest performing groups in 2016 were at or above Approaches Grade Level, and 4) students in up to 10 groups graduated on time and students in 8 racial/ethnic groups graduated on the Recommended and Distinguished/Advanced plans.
    • Among the features of the new system that have potential impact on results are these: minimum size criteria are more stringent (typically as soon as 25 test scores are represented in a group); scores of economically disadvantaged students are always evaluated on Index 3, even if there is only one such score; and, the targets for Index 2 derive from ranking the results for all high schools, middle/junior high schools, elementary schools and districts. Unlike the old system, there is no allowance for exceptions to standards and there is no mechanism for demonstrating improvement at the index level.
    • Only campuses that are rated as "Met Standard" are eligible to receive Academic Achievement Distinction Designations. 
    • Please Note: The state has advised school districts that the 2013 ratings system is a "stand alone" year, meaning that the system is substantively different from the old accountability system and that it will be substantively different from what is done in 2014, in part due to statutory changes. However, under current state law, ratings from the old system in 2011 and the 2013 ratings must be considered as "consecutive" for purposes of determining district and campus sanctions, if any.