Reporting SPAM

  • Phishing scams often attempt to steal information, such as usernames, passwords, etc. by pretending to be official emails from district administration, the IRS, or other entities. A good rule of thumb is that any email that asks for personal information is likely fraudulent. Spam emails are more often than not attempting to sell products or drive traffic to a web site.  

    Spam emails are considered more of an annoyance than malicious, though web sites linked to in spam emails could contain malware or viruses.

    To report a phishing scam or spam email to Technology using the Outlook email client or the Outlook Web Application:

    1. Create a new email message 
    2. Address it to: 
    3. From your Inbox, select the phishing or spam email that you received - you must select the email, not the content. 
    4. Drag and drop the selected item(s) into the new email. 
    5. This will now show as an empty email with the phishing or spam email as an attachment. 
    6. Send the email.


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