AudioBoo Audioboo An application for recording and sharing your voice with the world. You can add titles, tags and a photo to the recording. 
     iTalk iTalk  A high quality recording app that manages all your recordings and allows to email recordings or share on iTunes.

    Kid Blog 

    Create and manage Kidblog accounts from your iPad. Students can upload photos and videos directly from the their device.



    Lino is a digital poster board app that allows students to access a common board to post stickie notes via a link.

    LyncLync Instant message, email, phone, or conference call any of your Outlook contacts.
    nearpod  This app enables teachers to manage content on students' iPads and uses presentations, collaboration and real-time assessment.
    Simple    TransferSimple Transfer  The easiest way to transfer photos and videos from your idevice to your computer or other idevices via wifi. 
    Socrative TeacherSocrative   An app that works like clickers. The teacher app lets teachers get responses in real time for student work, quizzes or just to check for understanding.
    Socrative  An app that works like clickers. The student app lets tstudents enter their responses in real time for quizzes, warm-up, assignments, and assessments.
    Create and share ideas centered around documents, pictures, and videos.
    Trading Cards
    Trading Cards

    Make & share cards of fictional or real people & places, objects, events, and vocabulary words.

    Note Taking
      Diigo  Diigo A place to add bookmarks, notes, images, screenshots for your own collection or to share. 
     Evernote Note taking app that allows you to access your notes anytime, anywhere and from most devices.  Features include notes, recordings, and online storage.
    A simple way for students to study notes or review for a test. 
    Easy ChartEasy Chart  An easy and quick way to create a bar, line or pie graph. 
     PoppletPopplet  Popplet can capture your ideas and organize them visually.  
     Juxio Juxio

    Combine text and images quickly to create collages on any topic. 

       Pic Collage
    pic collage
    Pic Collage gives you a blank canvas for adding pictures, text, and various backgrounds.
     Haiku Deck
    Haiku deck
    A simple way to create sharp, beautiful presentations as a teacher or a student.
    Prezi Viewer
    Prezi Viewer
    Presentyour prezis anywhere with simple multi-touch gestures.
    Adobe ReaderAdobe Allows you to view & interact with PDF documents.

    Augmented reality app that brings images or objects to lifewith video, animations, and 3D scenes.

    Apps Gone Freeapps gone free Gethigh quality paid apps for free each day.
     Comic Touch Lite Comic Touch Lite Add speech bubbles to photos to make them come alive.
     Draw Free Draw Free  A great app to use if you want multiple tools for drawing
     Doodle Buddy
    Doodle Buddy
    Create anything from a blank canvas or bring in your own background if you want to annotate over it.
     A recordable whiteboard with the option to save and share. 


    iBooks not only lets you read books from the iTunes store on your iPad, but also lets you open and save PDFs in the iBook library.
     Screen ChompScreen Chomp  
    A simple way to sketch, record and share an idea. Creates a sharable, replay-able video.
     ShowMeShow Me  A way to use your iPad as a personal whiteboard. You can drop in images and record and upload your lesson.
     Skitch Skitch Use shapes, arrows, sketches and text to annotate photos, screenshots, and webpages.
    Story Kit Story Kit  
    Create an electronic story book. Features include adding your own illustrations, sounds, and your own layout.
     T Charts T Charts

    Students can use this application to examine two facets of an object, situation, or event and to make comparisons related to a variety of subjects and content areas.  

    QR CodeQR Rafter Thisis a two dimensional bar code scanner that directs your iPad to a website thatis related to the content it is associated with.
    Remote Access
    Letsyou access your files, applications, and desktop of your school computer fromyour iPad.
    This app combines screencasting, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard all in one app.
    Mobile Mouse
    Mobile Mouse
    Transformsyour ipad into a wireless remote to control your computer.
    Social Networks
    Students and teachers can connect with each other and other users in a safe, online environment. 
     Puppet Pals Puppet Pals Creates unique shows with animation and audio in real time.
    Sock Puppet 
    Sock puppet
    Tell your stories using puppets.
     Toontastic Toontastic

    A creative learning tool that allows kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons. Teaches the different components of a story. 

     Animoto Animoto  Turn your photos into stunning videos with music and text.  

    A fun and easy way to edit and share videos complete with music and effects.
    Splice Splice
    Splice together photos and videos in an easy way.
    Videolicious This video creator combines videos, photos, music and stories into a movie masterpiece.

    Destiny Quest

    Searchfor resources in your library and place holds on items in your preferred list.


    Dictionary Offlinedictionary & thesaurus with audio pronunciations.


    EasyBib CreateMLA, APA, and Chicago style citations by scanning a book bar code or by typingthe name of a book.

    Checkout online or downloadable books from your library’sFollett eBook collection.

    Google Drive


    Create,edit, share, and store documents, pictures, or other files up to 5 GB of space. 

    Google Earth

    Google Earth Searchfor places anywhere in the world with 3D images, virtual tours, and excitingmaps such as real-time earthquakes.

    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy Viewover 3,500 videos that cover a massive amount of topics including k-12 math, science,and humanities.

    iTunes U

    iTunes U

    Gives you access to courses from leading universities andother schools.